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You’re Born to Greatness (video clip)

This motivational speech was given to Cherry Hill Believers Church in Maryland. This the same speech was given a week earlier to one of the mega Orthodox Tewahedo church in DC.

The two latest books of Assegid Habtewold (The Highest Level of Greatness and Unchain Your Greatness) were written to anyone regardless of his/her religious affiliation, cultural background, or nationality. However, Assegid serves diverse Ethiopian Christian denominations by taking some of the contents from the books and the Bible.

If you’re interested Assegid to speak to your group, reach out to him at [email protected] or call him @ 703-895-4551.

Remember, Assegid Habtewold Ministries is a non-denominational ministry that serves all denominations. He doesn’t promote or criticize any one’s dogmas or doctrines.

Empowering Ethiopian Youth in the US

This morning I was in a DC church to inspire mostly 2nd generation Ethiopian youth born and raised here in the US. The theme of my presentation was ‘You are Born to Greatness’ based on my latest 2 books. There was a question and answer session in the end where the kids were engaged and asking thoughtful questions.

I was so happy to closely witness spiritual leaders, teachers, and mentors of these kids going the extra mile to empower their youth not just on spiritual matters alone but also in the knowledge that equips them to succeed in their personal and professional lives here in the US. These leaders are doing a favor to the kids, their parents, our community, and to God.

Other similar institutions should draw a lesson from these leaders to empower the young generation with the holistic knowledge that equips them to succeed well beyond home and the four walls of the church. Building the youth is building the future of our nation!!!

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AHM strives to restore the greatness of humanity one person at a time. The teachings of the ministry focus on restoring the whole man (woman)- the body, mind, and spirit. The messages are uplifting, life-changing, inspirational, transformational, and empowering. If you share the vision of AHM, you can join us in restoring the greatness of humanity one person at a time…

Interview with Leaders of Your Ethiopian Professionals Network

Last week, I had the opportunity to interview the co-founders of Your Ethiopian Professionals Network. In this interview, we talked about:

  1. Why YEP exists? What was the very reason that led you to establish YEP
  2. What are the top three major achievements of YEP?
  3. What are the 3 biggest lessons you learned individually because you have been serving as leaders?
  4. What are the toughest challenges YEP faces?
  5. What lessons would you like to share with other similar professional groups?
  6. What the future holds for YEP? Where do you see YEP in the next five years?
  7. Are there some ongoing or upcoming projects you’re engaged with right now that you would like to share with our viewers?
  8. And more.

These young dynamic leaders have a lot to offer. I encourage you to watch their interview. Reach out to them if you may have any feedback or question. And of course, if you’re in the DC metro area, join YEP, be with like-minded people to grow personally and professionally. If you’re in Ethiopia, no worries, you can be part of the initiative they recently introduced in Addis.

To learn more about Pick Yourself Up and watch archive interviews, check out its website.

Serving Church leaders and Christian professionals and entrepreneurs in Ethiopia

After 13 years, I’m going back to Ethiopia. While there, I’d like to empower some Church and Ministry leaders, and Christian professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders based on my books. The following are some of the services I intend to provide :

  1. Sermons (in Amharic, Ethiopians local language) for congregations, and teachings for youth groups in both Amharic and English (there are English programs in some churches)
  2. Leadership training for church and ministry leaders, administrators, and volunteers
  3. Soft Skill workshops for Christian business owners and professionals.

By the way, we would like to offer these services in the future by traveling to Ethiopia quarterly.

Please pray for us to get the necessary funding to offer these services locally, and also to serve God’s people with excellence. If God speaks to your heart to support these programs financially, please go to the ‘About’ or ‘Donate page of our website. We need your prayer and support because our ministry is very small and don’t have the required resources to provide these services alone. Many of the beneficiaries cannot afford to fund these services either.

If you have a Church or Ministry that you support in Addis, let me know, I’ll try to provide one or more of these services to them.

Note: I’ll document my activities and share my report on our website with pictures, video clips, and testimonials to show you the impact of your prayer and financial support.