AHM would like to partner with individuals and institutions that would like to see the restoration of humanity to its former glory (greatness) through Redemption, Restoration, and Reformation.

We aim at inspiring, encouraging, equipping, and empowering spiritual individuals and groups who are committed to working on their personal, leadership, and spiritual development. The Ministry would like to engage in the following activities that may interest you to participate in what we do:

  1. Making available specific teachings of our Ministry on our website, social media, and YouTube channel for anyone interested
  2. Arranging in-person and virtual programs to advance the mission of the Ministry to members and supporters of the Ministry
  3. Publishing books and other printing and online materials
  4. Providing motivational speeches (sermons) that inspire and uplift members of other churches and ministries
  5. Speaking at public events that bring together Christians
  6. Equipping Christian professionals and business owners by arranging conferences by ourselves and other strategies partners and alliances
  7. Empowering Christian Leaders through workshops, webinars, and coaching programs in partnership with other strategic partners
  8. And more

You may engage in supporting the aforementioned efforts by:

  • Praying and interceding for us
  • Sponsoring or co-sponsoring one or more of our events and programs
  • Allowing us to use your facilities
  • Inviting us to serve your congregation, volunteers, business owners, and leaders
  • Donating financially

If you would like to discuss how to partner with us, and areas of partnerships, please reach out to our Team at [email protected]