I. AHM believes that humans have four main parts with different nature and assignments:

  1. body,
  2. mind,
  3. soul, and
  4. spirit.

As a result, our Ministry is committed to help you grow holistically in all the four parts of your being:

  • Body (to host our soul in this physical universe hostile to spirits)
  • Mind (to tap into the metaphysical/quantum universe through imagination and visioning)
  • Soul (the true identity of a person which shares glory with God and meant to evolve and become one with God)
  • Spirit (to tap into the spiritual universe through faith, prayer, and meditation)

AHM publishes books, produces programs, and arrange events to empower you grow in all aspects of your life so that you could claim your inherent greatness, and ultimately become one with God by passing through the three stages of spiritual development. If you would like to read more about this believe and how we plan to implement it, check this blog…

II. AHM believes going beyond redemption (getting rid of sin consciousness) to complete our spiritual journey on earth and get fulfilled in life and become one with God while alive. These three stages are:

  1. Redemption,
  2. Restoration, and
  3. Reformation.

Because of that, AHM is dedicated to enable you pass through these mandatory three major stages to evolve untill your soul become one with God.

We will design programs for each stage to equip you graduate from each stage successfully (a spoiler alert, there is not official graduation from the last stage for many of us; we may need to complete the journey on the other side of eternity once we trancend from the physical universe to the spiritual)

III. AHM believes in the spoken Words of God
We believe that the Bible is God-inspired on which we, Christians, base our faith. Even those who are from other religious tradition could draw some lessons by contextualizing the lessons packed in this extraordinary book. The Bible gives us context and framework in our journey in this planet, while we are away from the headquarter (the spiritual universe from where our soul emerged into time and space at the right time to pursue her earlthly assignment). We are lukcy that we don’t need to start from scratch. We could look back and learn from rich experiences of our spiritual fathers and mothers. We can draw lessons from both their successes and stumblings to take the evolution of humanity to the next level.

However, we at AHM also believe in the Spoken Word of God that come from the Holy Spirit that instructs and guidances us to all the truths while we are alive on earth, and living in the 21st C.

Accordingly, our Ministry is dedicated to inspire, inform, challenge, stretch, and equip you to fullfill your soul’s mandate on earth and become great in the area of your calling by drawing lessons from the Bible and also by providing you fresh and timely teachings and resources that are inspired by the Spirit of God.

We believe that your spirituality shouldn’t stop when you leave your place of worship. You shouldn’t be preoccupied with what happened in the past nor what is only written in the Bible alone. That is why we’ve vowed to arm and send you to go out well beyond the four walls of ‘the Church’ to become light and salt, serve where you live, work, and do business with excellence.

We strongly believe that not only you should benefit from the spiritual heritages engraved in the Bible but also you should listen to God NOW and go out to carve new paths and leave enduring legacy that could take humanity to the next level of evolution so that not only this but generations to come could benefit from your calling, talent, and gifting. Remember, AHM doesn’t want to be a broker between God and you. We will train and empower you to communion with God directly because your spiritual journey is unique and you need customize unique revealations to evolve your soul by allowing her to pursue and fulfill her earthly assignment.

IV. AHM believes in integrating Science and Spirituality

We believe that if Jesus showed up today, for that matter any spiritual guru, He would have used parables that reflect the 21st C realities, and resonate with the information age generation. He would have used many of the latest scientific discoveries as analogies, metaphors, and examples to teach spiritual truths.

Therefore, AHM uses scientific discoveries to communicate spiritual truths and principles that allow you to live, work, and do business successfully in the 21st C.

Reach out if you may have any questions or need further explanations at [email protected]

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