Empowering Ethiopian Youth in the US

This morning I was in a DC church to inspire mostly 2nd generation Ethiopian youth born and raised here in the US. The theme of my presentation was ‘You are Born to Greatness’ based on my latest 2 books. There was a question and answer session in the end where the kids were engaged and asking thoughtful questions.

I was so happy to closely witness spiritual leaders, teachers, and mentors of these kids going the extra mile to empower their youth not just on spiritual matters alone but also in the knowledge that equips them to succeed in their personal and professional lives here in the US. These leaders are doing a favor to the kids, their parents, our community, and to God.

Other similar institutions should draw a lesson from these leaders to empower the young generation with the holistic knowledge that equips them to succeed well beyond home and the four walls of the church. Building the youth is building the future of our nation!!!

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