I. Establishment

AHM is a:

  • 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt faith-based non-denominational, in its truest sense.
  • Teaching ministry registered in Maryland, USA, in 2012.
  • Trans-denominational teaching ministry that serves all spiritual seekers from all denominations.
  • Transformational ministry that provides the simplest and straight forward pathway for individuals to recognize their God-given calling, pursue the assignment of their soul on earth, and get fulfilled in life.

II. Mandate

AHM is committed to restoring the former glory of humanity one person at a time using the restorative messages and works of Jesus Christ.

We, humans, were created in the image of God. Sadly, we fell from glory when the first man disobeyed and chose independence from his Source. The good news: Jesus Christ restored us back to our former glory through obedience and becoming one with God.

Unfortunately, we’re struggling to reclaim the greatness which was bestowed on us by God before the foundation of the world. We’re not fully tapping into the restorative messages and works of Jesus.

Many are still in guilt-consciousness. Even those of us who believed in the substitutive works of Jesus stopped at the gateway, achieving redemption.

That is why AHM:

  1. Decided to remind all of us about the finished restorative works of Jesus.
  2. Offers a simple pathway that leads us to restore ourselves back to our former glory and greatness…

III. Vision

We envision ordinary Christians finishing their race by passing through the 3-stages of transformation to become one with God.

Christians responding to their God-given call, pursuing their souls’ assignment on earth, and getting fulfilled through spiritual transformation while alive and on earth.

IV. Focus Areas

Our teachings, programs, and activities are aimed at restoring the greatness of humanity one person at a time. The teachings of the ministry focus on restoring the whole man (woman)- the body, mind, soul, and spirit. The messages are uplifting, life-changing, inspirational, transformational, and empowering.

The Ministry focuses on three major stages (pathways) one should pass through to attain the greatness God bestowed on him/her before the foundation of the world. We should pass through these three stages of TRANSFORMATION to fully restore ourselves and become one with God:

  1. Redemption,
  2. Restoration, and
  3. Reformation. 

Our spiritual journey shouldn’t stop at redemption (awakening our soul, becoming born again) or restoration (rehabilitating our soul, renewing our minds). We should continue to evolve (reform) till we become what God had in mind about us before the foundation of the world- before our body was formed in the womb.

And therefore, our Ministry is committed to inspiring, encouraging, equipping, and empowering you to pass through these three major spiritual stages in order for you to become one with God (restored to your greatness), if possible, while you are on this planet.

We will use the teachings and life of Jesus combined with relevant scientific discoveries, and battled-tested spiritual practices to empower you to:

  • Get rid of sin consciousness,
  • Renew your mind to restore your soul to her original state when she first entered from the spiritual universe into this physical universe, and
  • Continue to evolve and reform till your soul completes her earthly journey by pursuing your purpose and getting fulfilled while here on earth.

To learn more about our BELIEVE Statement, click here…

V. Relevance

  1. We were called because of a clear gap.
  2. We responded for the call.
  3. We stepped in to bridge the existing gap.

Why the gap exists?

The 1st Adam fell from grace and separated himself from the Creator (the Source of all conscious beings). His guilt and sin consciousness was so strong that he condemned himself and hid. He didn’t know how to deal with guilt and died while still feeling condemned, and as a result, sin consciousness had been transmitted from generation to generation until Jesus (the last Adam) showed up.

Knowing that humanity failed to beat sin/guilt consciousness, Jesus offered an easy way out. By the way, other religions too have methods to deal with sin but most are hard and almost unattainable for the ordinary man. Jesus became a substitute and paid the debt to interrupt the sin cycle. By doing that, Jesus gave humanity a chance to get restored back to where the 1st Adam dropped the ball and stopped fellowshipping with God.

However, Jesus didn’t stop there, He finished the race and left us an example of how we all should live on earth by continuously evolving till we become one with God. We don’t need to lead a similar life to Jesus. Each one of us has a unique assignment specific to us. However, we cannot fulfill our purpose while feeling guilty, separating ourselves from our Source, and without restoring our soul, renewing our mind.

The gap is…

Most religions focus on dealing with sin-consciousness. They offer their members ways to beat guilt consciousness, the 1st stage. Many people stop their spiritual journey at this gateway stage. Unfortunate!

Some may go beyond redemption to help their followers renew their minds and get restored (rehabilitated)- the 2nd stage. Nonetheless, very few religions go beyond REDEMPTION and RESTORATION. As a result, many die without experiencing REFORMATION at all, without continuously evolving to become one with God. Without restoring themselves to their former glory. Without saying ‘It is finished’ like Jesus, and ‘I’ve finished my race’ like Paul. 

Here at AHM, we are committed to bridge this gap. Accordingly, we offer programs and services that empower spiritual seekers like yourself who aren’t satisfied at the first or second stage. We are here to support you pass through the entire process: Redemption, Restoration, and Reformation.

VI. Approaches

The following are the main approaches we follow to fulfill our mandate:

  1. Inspire, challenge, and call all humanity, spiritual seekers of all faiths (more specifically Christians of all denominations) around the globe to go beyond redemption (dealing only guilt/sin consciousness) and restoration (renewing mind) by passing through the 3 major spiritual stages including reformation to become one with God on earth by writing articles and blogs, and creating audio and video programs.
  2. Arrange conferences and also participate in events organized by other spiritual groups to increase awareness about the need to restore the greatness of humanity to its former glory, before we separated ourselves from God because of sin (guilt) consciousness.
  3. Conduct empowering workshops and webinars to equip spiritual professionals, entrepreneurs, and community/church/ministry leaders to become world-class leaders so as to excel in their career, business, and leadership as they go out to become salt and light and serve their organization, community, and the human race with leadership excellence.
  4. Implement an Initiative (Restored to Greatness) that aims at restoring the greatness of humanity. Click here to learn more about how to join hands with us and become a strategic partner.

As we go out to fulfill our mandate in restoring the greatness of humanity one person at a time, we would like you to be one of our strategic partners.

If you would like to know more about our Ministry and discuss how to partner with us, and areas of partnerships, please reach out to our Team at [email protected]