Serving Church leaders and Christian professionals and entrepreneurs in Ethiopia

After 13 years, I’m going back to Ethiopia. While there, I’d like to empower some Church and Ministry leaders, and Christian professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders based on my books. The following are some of the services I intend to provide :

  1. Sermons (in Amharic, Ethiopians local language) for congregations, and teachings for youth groups in both Amharic and English (there are English programs in some churches)
  2. Leadership training for church and ministry leaders, administrators, and volunteers
  3. Soft Skill workshops for Christian business owners and professionals.

By the way, we would like to offer these services in the future by traveling to Ethiopia quarterly.

Please pray for us to get the necessary funding to offer these services locally, and also to serve God’s people with excellence. If God speaks to your heart to support these programs financially, please go to the ‘About’ or ‘Donate page of our website. We need your prayer and support because our ministry is very small and don’t have the required resources to provide these services alone. Many of the beneficiaries cannot afford to fund these services either.

If you have a Church or Ministry that you support in Addis, let me know, I’ll try to provide one or more of these services to them.

Note: I’ll document my activities and share my report on our website with pictures, video clips, and testimonials to show you the impact of your prayer and financial support.

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