1. Name of the Initiative: Restored to Greatness

2. Background

The greatest movement in the universe hasn’t been the Creation project. Though magnificent and thrilling the act of creation was and still is, the restorative movement the Creator initiated following the fall of the first Adam is the most amazing and revealing to the very nature of God- forgiving and loving.

Divine went all in to restore His priceless creation, humanity, to its former glory. The first Adam separated himself from God when he felt guilt. Sin (guilt consciousness) separated him from communing with God on a daily basis, and thus, he lost the Kingdom and the dominion with It. Since then, the guilt consciousness has been transferring through epigenome from generation to generation plaguing the human race.

Though the restorative project began right away- following the fall of the first family, it had taken generations until Jesus showed up and fulfilled the promises. Not only Jesus didn’t have any guilt consciousness but also He offered humanity, which had struggled to shake off sin consciousness by itself. What is more? He restored humanity to its former glory before fall and went ahead to finish the journey the first Adam was unable to finish.

Jesus (the last Adam) came to be a prototype to show us how we should get along and walk with God by being obedient. Demonstrating unconditional love (another name for spiritual obedience), Jesus became obedient to the will of the Divine, and ultimately finished the race that should have been taken care of by the first Adam and its children. By doing so, Jesus (His soul) fulfilled His assignment on earth and set an example to all of us on how we should restore ourselves to the former glory we lost, and continue the spiritual journey by evolving our soul and ultimately becoming one with God as Jesus did.

The full restoration process to restore man to its former glory involves the:

  1. Redemption,
  2. Restoration, and
  3. Reformation. As you pass through this restorative process, she/he will experience the quickening of the body.

AHM came up with this Initiative (Restored to Greatness) to play its fair share, in partnership with other stakeholders and strategic partners, to raise 1 million restored souls who live a life free of sin-consciousness (redemption) and a vibrant and rehabilitated life (restoration). They will continue their soul’s journey as it evolves (reformation) to become one with God while they participate in the restoration of others in their organization and community.

We don’t need to wait until we die to enter into heaven (the Kingdom of God, a blissful life). Jesus kept saying the Kingdom of God is at hand. He was also mad at the religious elites of His time who weren’t only failed to enter themselves but also prevented others with them from entering. We should enter into the Kingdom now by overcoming sin consciousness (redemption), rehabilitating ourselves to our true identity as children of God- like begets like (restoration), and continuously evolving till we become one with God (Reformation).

We’re looking for strategic partners so that together we contribute toward the evolution of the human race by passing through the above-mentioned stages of spiritual evolution.

Using this Initiative the Ministry, a non-denominational and trans-denominational ministry, aims at empowering, at least, a minimum of 1 million spiritual seekers regardless of their specific religious beliefs to walk on the spectrum of the spiritual evolution process, and ultimately be part of this movement as restorers of others.

Restoring ourselves to our former glory is the foundation. Our true greatness comes when we serve the world based on our calling. The work and marketplaces and our communities are in desperate need of change agents. And, this Initiative aims at raising, together with our Strategic Partners, great ones of the 21st C who restore themselves and raise other restorers. Leaders who become lights and salts and bring reforms in their respective communities, organizations, and societies.

Using this Initiative, AHM also intends to empower those who are entrepreneurs and leaders with Spiritual Leadership programs to succeed in their careers, business, and leadership so that they:

  • Become world-class in what they do,
  • Get fulfilled in life by pursuing their God-given purpose,
  • Give their best,
  • Become light and salt,
  • Go beyond the finish line while alive,
  • Raise other successors, and
  • Leave an enduring legacy that will continue to serve the human race even if they won’t be present physically. These cannot happen without becoming great leaders. All great spiritual leaders were great leaders. We at AHM will inspire, equip, and empower you to develop the right mindset, skill set, and character set to excel in your leadership on your journey as you pursue your purpose and get fulfilled in life and become one with God.

3. Goal

The main goal of this Initiative is to restore the greatness of humanity one person at a time by empowering them to get fulfilled in life and become one with God.

4. Objectives

The Initiative is designed to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • To increase the awareness of Christians and non-Christians alike to recognize the fact that we are restored to our former glory, and we no more need to stay plagued by sin-consciousness but rather should step into our greatness as the children of the Most High.
  • To inspire, educate, and equip spiritual seekers to pass through the 3 stages of the spiritual evolution process to get fulfilled in life and become one with God while alive on earth.
  • To raise great spiritual professionals, business owners, and community leaders who have the right mindset, the necessary leadership competencies, and solid character to pursue their purpose, get fulfilled in life while serving their respective community, organization, and society and bring true reforms, which will take humanity to the next level of evolution
  • To empower spiritual leaders to serve their people and the communities around them by learning great leadership lessons from Biblical leaders and other spiritual leaders in history and now.

5.   Programs

As part of the Restored to Greatness initiative, we provide the following programs:

  1. 30 – 90 minutes Restored to Greatness teaching (sermon/keynote) on how we were restored to our former glory (greatness) and the spiritual evolutionary stages we need to pass (Redemption, Restoration, and Reformation) in order to get fulfilled in life and ultimately become one with God.
  2. 1- day Stage-by-stage follow up spiritual development programs based on the 3 spiritual evolution stages. An organization/church/ministry/spiritual center that invites AHM to deliver the above teaching may consider to participate in this stage-by-stage spiritual development program and give the opportunity to all of its members, and even others in their community.
  3. Stage by stage Cohort and TOT (Training of Trainers) programs following their corresponding 1-day stage by stage spiritual development programs.
  4. Refreshing courses to cohorts and TOTs.
  5. 1 – 3 hours spiritual leadership program. This program will be given as a follow-up to the 30 – 90 minutes Restored to Greatness teaching spcifically to enterpreurners, community, and/or spiritual organization/church/ministry/spiritual center leaders to lead others with leadership excellence. Drawing some key leadership lessons from Biblical leaders, this program empowers participants to excel in their leadership as they serve their team members, clients, and other stakeholders.

Note: Please note that we will closely work with you to design and deliver the right program (s) for your congregation, professionals, entrepreneurs, and/or leaders. In consultation with our strategic partners and other stakeholders, we will also review these programs and update them if necessary. We’ll also include additional programs as time goes and the need arises.

6. Co-Laborers (Strategic Partners

AHM would like to partner with all stakeholders who care about the restoration of humanity to its former glory. AHM has identified its strengths and areas it can add value to propel the Initiative forward. We would like to attract other stakeholders as co-laborers (strategic partners) to support the Initiative based on their areas of strength. The two key stakeholders we are looking for:

  1. Hosting partners invite AHM to deliver the launching keynote, and work with AHM to arrange the stage by stage spiritual development, and host the Cohort and TOT programs.
  2. Sponsoring partners who support the Initiative by sponsoring the Hosting organizations above financially and in kind.

To learn more about the partnerships we are looking for and areas to partner with, click here…

7. How the Initiative works:

  1. Based on a launching book, which will soon be published, we create platforms by ourselves and together with our strategic partners, and also use all available platforms created by other stakeholders to increase awareness about how we are restored to greatness and the need to play our parts, and the spiritual development programs necessary to evolve and finally become one with God. This 30 – 90 minutes program allows us to connect with potential Hosts who may invite us to implement the Initiative in their organization/community, and Sponsors who may support the Initiative financially and in kind.
  2. Hosts who attended the keynote will work with AHM to arrange the first stage (redemption) 1- day spiritual development program and then establish a Fellowship (Cohort) to keep growing the cohort members until they graduate at this foundational stage, and go to attend the 2nd stage (restoration) spiritual development program and join its Fellowship (Cohort) program, and continue to grow at this stage until they graduate at this intermediary stage, and go to attend the 3rd stage program (reformation). We understand that many Hosts may just have members only for 1 cohort or, for whatever reasons, some Hosts don’t want to keep implementing the Initiative beyond one Cohort. With these Hosts, we will help them establish the Cohort program and they will run it till we come back to deliver the 2nd stage spiritual program, and then the 3rd and final stage spiritual development program. We will keep working with such Hosts to provide refresher courses till their Fellowship (Cohort) finishes the 3 stage-by-stage programs, and graduates.
  3. With those Hosts that would like to keep implementing the Initiative more than just one and the initial Fellowship group to expand the Initiative’s reach within their entire organization/community one cohort at a time, we’ll work with them to establish a TOT program for each stage of spiritual development program so that the graduates will continue to train others and establishing new Fellowship groups at various stages.

Please reach out if you have any questions about how to implement the Initiative in your organization/community. Send us an email via [email protected] 


  • If you would like us to speak at your future events about how we are restored to our former glory and the three stages we need to pass, reach out and we will work with you to customize the talk to align with the theme and participants of your event.
  • Whether you are interested to implement the Initiative within your community (organization) as a Host or to sponsor it for another community (organization) of your choice as a Sponsor, please reach out and we will give you more detail. Send us an email at [email protected] Use Bridging the Leadership Gaps in Africa Initiative on the subject line.
  • We have already formed a strategic partnership with Success Pathways, LLC (, which participates as part of its corporate responsibilities in the design and delivery of the Initiative’s programs. Success Pathways also agreed to give huge discounts to our other strategic partners who may need its services. If you need customized leadership programs for your own team leads, supervisors, managers, and executives, feel free to reach out to Team Success Pathways at [email protected] If you mention that you’re one of our strategic partners, you may get discounts.