Addressing the wrong assumptions why we are committed to restoring the greatness of humanity

There were a few encounters where I was challenged by fellow Christians who didn’t like my use of the word ‘greatness’. They feel like I’m feeding my ego and luring them to this illusive idea by appealing to their egos. For them, we’re just sinners saved by grace. We are fallen creations not worthy of greatness. We suppose to be humble and lower our expectations than claiming the way we do in this ministry- restoring the greatness of humanity one person at a time.

Though I totally understand from where they are coming from, they are having so many wrong assumptions. If I had the assumptions they have, I’d have felt the same thing. Nonetheless, my assumptions come from the original intention of God, the very reason why He created us plus the teachings and encouragements of Jesus who at one point told His followers ‘you can do these and greater things than these’.

Let me just address a few of them in this blog. The first and major assumption is that God will be offended or even be mad when we aspire to become great. This assumption comes by missing the original intention of why God created man. God desired to duplicate Himself in the physical world. As any creator including humans, His greatness is manifested by the greatness He displays in His creation, especially the ones that carry His image. God was the one who said ‘be fruitful’. God was the one who promised to Abraham ‘I’ll make your name great’ and delivered on this promise. Don’t forget, as Paul wrote, if we belong to Christ, then we are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise. In short, becoming great is our inheritance as children of God and heirs of Abraham. What would be shameful is if we fall short of manifesting God’s greatness during our lifetime. What is cowardice is to hide behind humility and fail to have fsith in God’s ability to transform our life from underdog to great.

They also assume that we are still sinners. That is contrary to why Jesus came to this world. We may be sinners in the past. However, the moment we gain redemption and deal with Sin consciousness, our soul is free of condemnation. She is no more separate from God. She can stand boldly in the presence of God without feeling ashamed. Redemption afforded us to become the sons and daughters of God after the image of His firstborn, Jesus Christ. Though we didn’t earn it, we’re Sinless in the eyes of God. Of course, the confusion by many Christians who still feel sinners is that they wrongly assume that they have to regain their redemption every time they commit ‘sin’.

The Sin that separated us from God was disobedience. Jesus came to address that generational Sin no one had able to address. We don’t need redemption, again and again, every time we commit sin, when we become short of our target. We confess our sin and move on until we become perfect like God, which Jesus commanded us: ‘Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect’. The greatness we at AHM talking about is the greatness journey we all should take which ends with our soul becoming one with God. We’re not promoting the ego based popularity according to our possession, fame, and so on.

Another wrong assumption is that the belief that we’re still fallen creations. That is wrong after the advent of the last Adam, Jesus. The first Adam fell from grace and took all of us down with him but the last Adam came and took us back to our former glory, greatness. What is left is our commitment to continue our journey from redemption to restoration, and ultimately reformation until we become one with God. We’re not fallen beings any more, we are the images of God meant to manifest His greatness while alive and on this planet, not someday when we get to heaven.

Of course, this journey to become one with God doesn’t appeal to our flesh nor brain where the ego resides. The greatness journey only appeals to our eternal soul. We cannot become anything significant, let alone to be great, by engaging our ego and brain- mere matter. These don’t matter. Ego is selfish and preoccupied with survival. The greatness journey we at AHM calling each and every one of you requires us to recognize our other two parts: mind and spirit. We’re not just flesh, bone, ligaments, and blood alone. We need these to stay in the physical world by obeying physical laws such as gravity. The body including the brain, are temporary, and its job is hosting the real deals- mind, spirit, and soul.

The greatness journey this ministry is advocating and inviting you cannot be started, let alone be finished successfully, without the Kingdom of God and the Holy Spirit in you. We cannot, by our body and brain slone, do anything without God, the Father within. Even Jesus needed to finish His greatness journey that ended Him becoming one with the Father, with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. He said, again and again, I cannot do anything by myself. The Father in me is doing the work.

This is our hope that you agree with our assumptions and thus join us in this journey to restore the greatness of humanity one person at a time. Begin this journey wherever you may be right now. There is no better days ahead. The day of salivation, redemption, is today.

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