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Are you frustrated with the ever-increasing challenges your organization faces? Have you been thinking that there is nothing you could do to address the problems your respective community is raddled with? Well, be like those organizations (both secular and religious) that have already begun to see that the challenges they’re facing are so enormous that they needed solutions ‘out of this world’.

It became apparent to these few smart organizations that their leaders should go well beyond the senses to tap into the quantum and spiritual worlds to bring forth creative and sustainable solutions that last. Some actually created the environment (mini-conference rooms, policies, procedures, and ground rules) where their leaders can get quiet time on a daily basis to think, reflect, pray, and meditate. They began inviting spiritual gurus from diverse religious affiliations to their organizations to activate and then enable their people to tap into their spiritual side.

Is your organization and/or community is left behind? Know that spiritual leadership is a must for the 21st C organizations and communities raddled with unceasing and complex problems that can’t be resolved without leaders flying at a higher frequency.

If a leader uses just the senses and her brain, she is attempting to influence ‘matter with matter’, and she is operating at a lower frequency. If she upgrades & uses her mind, again, she is using mind to influence matter.

In this era, we need leaders who are spiritual, who can influence both mind and matter to bring innovative solutions to this generation faced with unending and severe challenges created at mind and matter levels by going deep and tapping into the spiritual world.

If your team, organization, and/or community is interested to raise such extraordinary leaders, regardless of your religious affiliation, reach out, and we would love to work with your leaders. #SpiritualLeadership #SpiritOverMind #SpiritOverMatter www.assegid.org

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