Going beyond the brain to create and innovate

I sometimes meet well-meaning and genuine individuals who attempt to force me to choose between God or science. I refuse because these aren’t mutually exclusive. For them, however, one cannot embrace these two seemingly contradictory ideas (science and spirituality) and at the same time remain authentic ?

Unfortunately, I can’t explain to them how I think and believe well beyond my mere brain. Whenever I share with them something that can’t be seen, touched, and perceived with our sense organs and the brain, they insist that I show them proofs. Or else, they assume that I’m talking about a fairytale or I’m hallucinated ?

Interestingly, many of such individuals use their minds to think and create better than animals do but they deny the existence of the mind itself. Animals don’t have mind and that is why they cannot create and innovate. It takes mind to influence matter (bend matter) to create stuff in this physical universe. Thus, it is hard for me to reduce myself to matter (brain) level to match their arguments.

Sadly, as much as they want me to compromise and come mid-way, they don’t consider the same from their side. They think they have the higher truth. They assume that reality is physical & purely matter-based.

As far as I’m concerned, yes, matter (brain) and mind work together like my computer’s hardware (brain) & software (mind) work together to perform my tasks. I don’t stop there, I also recognize not just the ‘hardware’ and ‘software’ alone but also the mind that brought them forth, and the intention of the spirit that initiated the creation of these ‘hardware’ and ‘software’.

The point is, as much as I would like to compromise and come halfway to use some scientific justifications to back up my claims, we’re losing collectively lots of leverages as human beings when we reduce ourselves to mere matter alone, and our experiences into mere neurons interactions in the physical brain. I wish some of these colleagues would come halfway to meet me ?

For those of you who are willing to come halfway, AHM is here to engage with you. We are open-minded. Will you be?

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