Who truly is Jesus for you

Who truly is Jesus for you?

How do you describe Him?

How have you been relating with Him?

I’m here to remind you that misunderstanding the true identity of Jesus can be a huge stumbling block unless you’re very careful. It could stifle your spiritual journey.

On the other hand, if you grasp the true identity of Jesus, it becomes the solid foundation of living a triumphant life on earth and beyond. If you mess it up and misunderstand His true identity, you are indeed messed up, and nothing can fix this erroneous viewpoint.

Some are overzealous and think that Jesus is exclusively the leader of their little denomination on this 1 tiny planet. Many people, however, unconsciously- not necessarily deliberately, think that Jesus is the bishop of their denomination 🙂

These individuals forget that Jesus is the Wisdom, Power, and Word of God.

Jesus was the Word, Creator, and the Lord of billions of galaxies, trillions of living and non-living things including humanity.

The mind of Christ is the Intelligence that designed the physical universe. It is the Universal Mind that still sustains it with heavenly wisdom we cannot fathom while we are on this side of the fence entrapped in space and time.

Christ was the rock that was quenching the thirst of Israelites for 40 years in the desert by gushing out cool and life-giving water.

To picture Jesus with His bodily form when He was on the earth and reducing Him to a religious leader doesn’t match His class and glory. It doesn’t allow us to enjoy the full spiritual benefits and heritages of Jesus. We will remain earthly with limited scope and impact.

Let’s lift our state and tune at the level He is now than bringing Him down where we are.

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