How do you know you got redeemed?

You may think and confess that you are redeemed, great!

How do you know whether you are redeemed?

How do you know whether your spirit is activated and your soul is alive?

How do you know whether you are in the spirit?

Easy if you are looking for the right signs.

In this short blog, my job is for you to quickly run some tests and see if you are truly redeemed. Double-check whether you are enjoying the results of your redemption.

The right place to start whether you are redeemed is your body. Once you gain redemption, your soul is fully alive and you are in the spirit. On the other hand, you are dead bodily. You don’t identify with your body and its history, deeds, ambitions, and priorities so seriously. That doesn’t mean you fail to recognize who you are and from where you came from physically but these won’t be your primary identities.

This seems easy but it is not.

Millions of people confess verbally that they identify with the Lord but live their lives fully attached to the flesh and its dominance. If the true self within is ‘dead’, however, it is impossible to disassociate with the identity of the body. That means one hasn’t gained redemption yet.

Another indicator to know whether you are redeemed and in the spirit is that you don’t over-depend on your bare eyes. You see with your eyes to guide your physical body in this universe but you trust your inner and spiritual eye. The latter can see well beyond what can be seen with our bare eyes. However, if your spirit is deactivated and if you are not up inside of you, your inner eye is shut!

You being redeemed, however, doesn’t mean you don’t find yourself here and there identify with your body. But, once you gained true redemption, even if you may be dragged down to the flesh’s level, your soul will find a way to get your attention and lift you up to your true state.

Just set time aside once in a while to make sure you listen to your soul.

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