Intelligent and Personable God

Sigmond Freud famously said: “God didn’t create man. Man created God.”

There is some truth in his saying…

Man has been ‘creating’ God throughout its history… Look around you! How many gods are there? Thousands, if not millions…

Most of us follow giants in our faith, we didn’t create a new God.

In my case, I’m using the same Bible my parents, and their ancestors used. For us, we didn’t need to create a new one. We stuck with the God our ancestors ‘created’.

However, believing the Biblical God has been unacceptable or unreasonable for many. As a result, they kept ‘creating’ their own God they accept and understand.

For the sake of simplicity, humanity believes in one of the following kinds of God:

I. Impersonal and non-existent god.

If you’re an atheist, you most probably believe in god who was created by atheists before you. These atheist creators refused to leave the physical. They only used their five sense organs, nothing more, nothing less, to create a god.

Think of:

  • Charles Darwin,
  • Karl Marx,
  • Sigmond Freud,
  • Richard Dawkins, et al. They created a God who is impersonal and non-existent.

In their eyes, those of us who believe otherwise are just delusional and unscientific. For them, matter and energy are gods; no one created them. They are infinite…

I don’t know about you. How can I believe in such ‘gods’- Matter and Energy? It’s beyond my faith.

It’s beyond my belief capacity to buy into this idea of matter and energy can organize and reorganize themselves without any intelligent agent from the outside.

Well, there are millions who bought into this scenario, which doesn’t require an intelligent and personable God. For such ‘believers’, the order and meaning that we see in our intelligent and self-sustaining universe is a result of unguided evolution.

By the way, I’m not against evolution. Evolution exists everywhere. I believe God used it as a process.

Think of your own evolution. You were a microscopic being when you were in the womb. Since then, you have been evolving… What I don’t believe is an evolution that is self-initiated and self-sustaining…

Are you in this camp? If you’re reading this blog on our website, I doubt it. However, they might have created doubt in you and adulterated your faith in a personable God while you were in school, and if you’re still reading their books…

II. Intelligent God.

If you’re scientific, you most probably believe in the God ‘created’ by the founders of modern science. These believers transcended space and time, whether they admit it or not, to believe in an intelligent God.

They entered into the metaphysical and could easily comprehend a God who is intelligent, infinite, and the first cause of everything. They attributed this intelligent universe and magnificent creations within it to the products of an Intelligent Creator. They used scientific explanations to justify their theories.

Think of all those founders of modern science such as:

  • Newton,
  • Kepler,
  • Galileo,
  • Pascal, and
  • Maxwell, to name a few.

Many of the founders of modern science believed in a personal God. They believed in a legislator, and they were Christians. Here is the testimony of CS Lewis, professor in Oxford University and Cambridge University, about the founders of modern science: “Men became scientific because they expected Law in Nature, and they expected Law in Nature because they believed in a Legislator.”

Unfortunately, there are still many contemporary scientists who have faith in the discoveries of the founders of modern science without sharing the faith of the founders.

These scientists ‘created’ an intelligent God who created an intelligent universe without believing this God is personable…

By the way, there are many silent Christians in this group. For whatever reason, they don’t want to come out of the closet and share their faith in such a god. They may still claim that they’re Christians when asked. They may still go to Church. Though their reasons vary, one of the reasons that sowed doubt in their heart for the lack of faith in a personable God could be the teachings of atheist scientists in this group created.

III. Intelligent and personal God.

Many contemporary scientists believe in an impersonal God like the genius Albert Einstein did.

It is no longer easy for any reasonable scientific person to ignore the existence of an Intelligent God behind many scientific discoveries…

The more science advances, the more they see the fingerprints of God everywhere. It has now become for many scientists an uphill battle to believe that the universe and life came into existence without guided evolution.

Let’s forget about the human brain, how can one believe a tiny eye with such sophisticated functions came into the picture without the guidance of an intelligent God who does things with meaning?

Today, we only have a few scientists who believe in a Personal God, who seeks communion with humanity, and who cares about us and our future. Among these, very few are willing to come out taking risks and putting their reputation and career on the line to publicly pronounce that they’re Christians. Think of the following few scientists who believe in a personal God, who are courageous to debate publicly making cases for a personal God:

  • Francis Collins, Former Director of NIH and the leader of the Human Genome Project.
  • John Lennex, Distinguished Mathematician at Oxford University.
  • Stephen Meyer, Geophysicist and Director of Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture in Seattle
  • William Lane Craig, Visiting Scholar of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology and Professor of Philosophy at Houston Christian University
  • To name a few…

Let me ask you:

  1. Have you read the books or listened to the interviews or debates of one or more of these Christians?
  2. Did they help you to still believe in science and an intelligent and personable God?
  3. What was that one big lesson you gained that had a major impact on your life?
  4. Why not share the answers in the comment area?

I read the books of these believers and watched many of their interviews and debates. I’m thankful for such bold believers.

They helped me and many million Christians to still believe in science and benefit from it while keeping our faith in God- who is still active, loves, hears, responds, and cares about us and our affairs now and in the future.

As a person who lives, works, and does business in the real world outside of the church and someone who is constantly exposed to many people who don’t believe in a personable God, I can:

  • Easily get along with scientific people who only believe in an Intelligent God who isn’t personable.
  • Engage in conversation with individuals who find believing in the Biblical God unscientific.
  • Sit down in a classroom to listen and learn a great deal from someone who doesn’t believe in the kind of God I believe in.
  • Read many books written by atheist authors and benefit from their wisdom without my faith in God being shaken.

In conclusion, I believe in the God my ancestors ‘created’. The God who is described in the Bible. The God who isn’t only intelligent, but also personable…


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