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One of the most resonating stories for underdogs in the world is the David Goliath story. David was a typical underdog who was a teenager, untrained, ill-equipped, and disadvantaged when he stepped to face the giant. By all standards, David should have lost the fight, and badly.

That one victory against a seemingly unbeatable foe led David to become a king. For the past more than 3, 000 years, David has been the most favored king of Israel. There have been many writings about this dramatic encounter, and lessons fellow underdogs should learn from David. The most referenced advantages of David against the favorite Goliath were his:

  • Believe in providence. He trusted in God. He was smart enough to realize that for him to win that seemingly rigged contest, he must depend on the higher power.
  • Mindset. He won the battle first in his mind. He envisioned his victory before he actualized it.  He was also alert when an opportunity to shine presented itself in the form of a defiling giant. And, he took his chance. We wouldn’t have heard about David if he missed that golden opportunity. The positive words that came from his mouth were also the results of what was going on in his head.
  • Competency. David trained himself while tending his sheep. As an underdog, he needed excellence to beat his foes, lions and bears. Regardless of king Saul’s insistence, David stuck with his own tool, sling. He used it well to hit his targets before he ever stepped to face Goliath. He had confidence in his competence in using his own weapon than the fanciest arms the king offered him.

Though it has been more than 3 thousand years ago since the fight happened, that the same traits David had still apply today in the 21st C if your desire is to be the David of 21st C. What you need to do is that contextualize what led David to victory to the new era and your particular giants you face in life. You may not be in the same Judaism religion or a shepherd as David. Your competitors may not be physical giants. The tools you need to slay your giants may not be a sling with some smooth stones. Regardless, you need to draw some lessons from David to secure your greatness destiny in the 21st C.

That is why I created a Facebook Group dedicated to David of 21st C like you, an underdog. It aims at empowering the great ones of the 21st C, and you are a candidate. This group differs from other groups I run or platforms on which I write. Members of this group should believe the higher power. Regardless of our religious affiliation and denominations, I strongly believe that people in this group can get along since we share one common thread: The place divine plays in the lives of underdogs.

You may already know that I have been studying the great ones for over 2 decades. I already wrote two books on the subject of greatness based on my research. I narrated stories of great ones from diverse religions and cultures. All of them had this sense of being commanded to do what they needed to do and expected the full support of Divine even if some of them didn’t pronounce their faith publicly. In this group, I focus on those stories of great ones who publicly acknowledged believing in God.

I’m personally fine with anyone from any religion to join the group and benefit from the contents shared, and engage in discussions of their choice. Upfront, I must disclaim that I’m a Christian and I am going to cite lots of stories and quotes from the Bible. If these don’t bother you, please join this group dedicated to the David of 21st C, underdogs like you.

Though members can share and discuss religious issues, and how that empowered them to overcome their challenges and inadequacies. Nonetheless, these contents should be free from specific religious doctrines and attempts to convert people from one religion to another or from one denomination to another.

The goal is to learn from one another how we use the help of God, develop our mindset and competencies as underdogs as we fight our own giants in the different aspects of our lives, more specifically, as we pursue our purpose in life. The insights, approaches, and tools we get from this platform will transform us from underdogs into greats. It turns underdogs into great ones of 21st C.

When you join David of 21st C, you will be getting the following:

  1. Weekly blog post shared via email
  2. Regular educational video clips through email
  3. Social media quotes and short posts regularly
  4. Opportunities to engage in vibrant discussion with your fellow underdogs and myself on the platform

To begin with, join the Facebook Group created for this purpose. Going forward, I encourage you to comment, ask questions and also share your perspectives and stories.

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Note: Please don't join the group or sign up if you aren't serious and willing to actively engage in the coming years and decades.

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