Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Happy Ethiopian Christmas, Gena! One of the most dramatic events in the history of the world was the coming of Jesus into the world. No one before Him or after Him changed the world in the most dramatic way as He did. No one was able to bring fundamental spiritual liberty and freedom as He did. Humanity was in religious bondage before His coming.

However, His birth impacted more than the spiritual realm. His birth has been used as a pivotal juncture in the way we track time and season: before and after His birth (BC and AD) regardless of whether we all are on the same page on the exact day He was born.

Our religious and denominational differences aside, no one ever talked like Him and backed it. No one ever and no one since then talked about being on the other side the way He did. No one claimed to see let alone being equal with the majestic Creator of this universe.

No one saw the Father face to face and talked to Him and survived to tell the story without Jesus. We cannot even come close to one of His creations- the Sun, let alone the LIGHT source that brought this light to existence. Of course, creating the gigantic stars and cosmos bodies must have been easier than creating human beings, the most sophisticated and only beings that can think with will and consciousness.

What is more? No one talked about going to a road very scary like death and promised to come back alive intact. That is why we should all who believe in Jesus should be thankful that He came and solved many of the mysteries no man could solve. Now, many things seem straight forward and comprehensible but think about the dark age before His coming? Many waited and died without hearing about the redemption of mankind, the restoration of the Kingdom man had lost, and most importantly how it all ends.

It was terrible and frustrating for our forefathers and mothers who had so many spiritual questions but unable to have anyone or any reference to quenching their quests. After His birth?! Yes, still today, we have many questions that haven’t answered but at least our major bugging quests had been answered by someone who dared to say I am the Life, the Truth, and the Way…

Glad you came, Jesus! Thank you for making it into this world and giving us a sense of purpose and destiny, for reconnecting us to the Father and restoring the Kingdom and with it the returning of the Holy Spirit to this messed up world. You brightened our world and lives! You are worthy of our praise and worship!!!

We are grateful and expressing it today the way we know how by saying Happy Birthday our King and Lord, even if you deserve more than this!

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