Interview based on my two leadership books

Last November, when I was in Baherdar at Amhara Media, I gave a series of interviews to the host of YeAmerar Tebebe based on my 5 books. The video clip below was based on two of my books- Redefining Leadership, and The Nine Cardinal Building Blocks for continued success in leadership.

Before we talked about the core messages of these two books, he asked me some personal questions: My background from Harar until now where I’m in the US, whether being a leadership expert in the US is without challenge, why I wrote these two books, and many other interesting questions.

Remember, you’re a leader wherever you’re now and regardless of your titles. To succeed as a leader at home, work and marketplace, you need to grow as a person and leader on a constant basis. To be honest, I watched it again right now and found it very engaging where we did talk about some tough and sticky issues you don’t want to miss. This part one interview and the upcoming interviews I had with Ayele, I believe will equip you to excel as a leader of the 21st C.

Once you listen to these conversations, let me know if you may have any feedback or question.

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