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Problem Solving and Making Decisions (video- Facebook Live)

This is Session 6 of 16 Facebook live chat based on the book ‘Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success’ book.

In this Facebook live chat, it was emphasized that we cannot have personal mastery without the skill to resolve the problems we come across on a daily basis and the ability to make tough but smart decisions out of the myriads of choices we face on a consistent basis.

In this session, Assegid shared, from his book, the following and more:

  • What are problems,
  • What differentiate problems from just issues and realities,
  • Steps we should follow to resolve problems effectively,
  • Jesus and how He tackled the problems He was faced with,
  • The place of decisions in the problem-solving process,
  • Jesus and the two major decisions He made,
  • The importance of values clarity to make tough but smart decisions,
  • And more…

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AHM strives to restore the greatness of humanity one person at a time. The teachings of the ministry focus on restoring the whole man (woman)- the body, mind, and spirit. The messages are uplifting, life-changing, inspirational, transformational, and empowering. If you share the vision of AHM, you can join us in restoring the greatness of humanity one person at a time…

Session 2- Personal Mastery- March 12 @ 12: 30 pm

Facebook Live chat Session 2 (Introduction to Mastering Self), will be held as planned on March 12, Monday @ 12: 30 pm. These are some of the questions that will be addressed:
1. Why is personal mastery foundational?
2. What are the contributions of certain soft skills toward personal mastery?
3. What happens when we fail to master self?
4. How do we develop personal mastery?

By the way, on top of sharing with you some quotes, metaphors, insights, and tools, in the second session, I’ll compare the personal mastery of the first and last Adam. I’ll show you how the lack of personal mastery led the first Adam to stumble. On the other hand, how the personal mastery of the last Adam empowered Him to overcome temptations, and finally accomplish His assignment successfully.

If your desire is to succeed in both the temporal and spiritual worlds, you should begin with mastering self, the fight of all fights.

Any form of success isn’t in sight until you are convinced the significance of personal growth and begin working on it. Without this first and foundational step, you are helpless to change the world outside of you. The good thing is that, unlike many things for which you may not have control over, you have absolute control over yourself.

What you need is commencing developing those soft skills that enable you to attain personal mastery. You shouldn’t take this assignment casually. You don’t need to guess. You don’t need to struggle. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Remember, there have been people who have already attained personal mastery. You can learn from their experience and customize the experience to fit your unique circumstance. There are some facts you need to know before you begin this rewarding journey so that you may avoid making lots of unnecessary mistakes and stumblings. There are also some tools that can help you accelerate your growth.

Join the chat and learn (also share your experience in this regard with others), then practice, and at the end of the day be in charge of self, and in turn, in charge of your glorious destiny!

If you may have any question and comment before and during the chat, don’t hesitate to ask and share, respectively.


  • Invite those who may benefit from this conversation.
  • Those of you who could, it’s advisable if you get the book and read the session we cover ahead so that you could be able to participate actively, ask questions, share your thoughts, and so on. Here is the link to read the synopsis of the book, to download the first part of the book for free, and order it from Amazon:
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See you on Monday!

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AHM strives to restore the greatness of humanity one person at a time. The teachings of the ministry focus on restoring the whole man (woman)- the body, mind, and spirit. The messages are uplifting, life-changing, inspirational, transformational, and empowering. If you share the vision of AHM, you can join us in restoring the greatness of humanity one person at a time…

FB Live chat on Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success both in the temporal and spiritual realms

Many personal and leadership development experts from diverse religions and cultural backgrounds have been quoting Jesus and His wise words. For example, management and leadership guru- Ken Blanchard wrote: “Everything I had ever taught or written about effective leadership during the past thirty-five years, Jesus did to perfection, beyond my ability to portray or describe. I realized that Christians have more in Jesus than just a spiritual leader; we have a practical and effective leadership model for all organizations, for all people, for all situations.” 

Based on my book entitled Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success: 12 soft skills to master self, get along with, and lead others successfully, I will use Jesus as a role model and show you how the 12 soft skills recognized in the book allowed Jesus to succeed in His earthly ministry more than 2000 years ago. On top of Jesus, I’ll also use other Biblical characters, past and contemporary leaders from the corporate world who have had these soft skills that contributed toward their outstanding success.

I’ll share with you insights, stories, and most importantly, tools that can help you take your already existing soft skills to the next height. Whether you are looking for a job, desire to advance on the corporate ladder, open and/or grow your business, lead your community with excellence, you need to develop and improve your soft skills. This is especially transformational to the immigrant community in the Diaspora. Your talents, gifts, intellect, hard work, and so on aren’t enough to succeed in the West. You need to develop the 12 soft skills that make or break your success in the new culture where you live and work.

Remember, I wrote this book based on my experience as a trainer for some government agencies, major corporations, and non-profit organizations. These organizations pay thousands of dollars to offer workshops to their leaders, managers, supervisors, and team members on these themes. Thus, don’t miss this opportunity. It’s free.

Feel free to send questions and suggestions ahead of each live session. I’ll try my best to incorporate your comments and answer your questions. Remain engaged during the live chat as I’ll make sure to read your comments and answer your questions live.

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If you don’t have the book at hand, visit this link to download the first sections of the book including the Preface, Introduction, Outline, the Story the book was based on, and more:

Let me share with you the outline and the core topics that would be covered under each theme so that you could be able to prepare ahead. It would be recommendable if you have the book handy.

Session 1 (March 5): Introduction.
Why are soft skills important to one’s success? How can soft skills contribute to succeed in both the temporal and spiritual realms? Why using Jesus as a role model? How is each session formatted and organized?

Session 2 (March 12): Part I Introduction- Mastering Self
Why is personal mastery foundational? What are the contributions of certain soft skills toward personal mastery? What happens when we fail to master self? How do we develop personal mastery?

Session 3: Self-awareness
What is self-awareness? What are some of the areas we need to address to increase our self-awareness? What are some of the tools we can use to expand our self-awareness? What are the benefits of developing our self-awareness? How do we measure our self-awareness?

Session 4: Regulating Emotions
Why emotions matter? How can we control our emotions? What are some of the approaches we can use to increase our emotional intelligence? How do we use emotions in our favor?

Session 5: Time and Energy Management
Why is time the scarcest of all resources? What is the place of time in our personal and professional success? What are the challenges that prevent us from managing our time and energy? What are some of the methods we can use to manage our time and energy fruitfully?

Session 6: Problem Solving and Decision Making
How much important is it to be a problem solver and quick decision maker in our personal and professional lives? How should we approach problems and decisions? What kind of mindset do we need? What are some of the tools to use as we solve problems and make tough decisions?

Session 7: Part II Introduction- Getting Along With Others
Why is getting along hard? What happens when we fail to get along? What is the place of getting along to succeed in our personal space and as we lead others? Which soft skills play critical roles to get along with others successfully?

Session 8: Teamwork
Why do we need to have team spirit? What is the process of team formation? What are the factors to consider before we form or join a team? Why many teams get disbanded or get stuck? What should be your roles for the success of your team?

Session 9: Communication
Why is communication the number one tool to succeed in any endeavor? What are the barriers to effective communication? Why listening is hard and how to develop active listening? How can we improve our cross-cultural communication competence? How to give and receive feedback?

Session 10: Conflict Resolution
Why is conflict unavoidable? Why is conflict a good thing as far as we know how to handle it? What are the different types of personalities when it comes to conflict? How can we turn conflicts into opportunities?

Session 11: Diversity and Inclusion
What is the place of diversity in the 21st C? Why are those organizations with diverse team members performing better? How can we promote diversity and embrace inclusiveness? How can we increase our cultural intelligence?

Session 12: Part III Introduction- Leading Others
What is leadership? Who are leaders? Why is leadership critical at multiple levels? Which soft skills are important to succeed in leading others successfully?

Session 13: Motivation
Whose responsibility is to motivate people? What motivate individuals? How can a leader motivate his/her people? What to do to continually motivate others?

Session 14: Coaching and Mentoring
Why do leaders need to develop coaching and mentoring abilities? What are the similarities and differences between coaching and mentoring? What are the skills necessary to succeed as a coach and mentor?

Session 15: Negotiation
What are the types of negotiations? Why is win-win negotiation the best and different than other types of negotiations? What are some of the things we need to know and work on to succeed in any negotiation?

Session 16: Change Management
Why leading change is hard? What are the phases of change and what to do at each stage? What happens when we don’t change as an individual, organization, and/or community? Why people resist change? What happened to those organizations which resisted change? How to overcome resistance to change?

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AHM strives to restore the greatness of humanity one person at a time. The teachings of the ministry focus on restoring the whole man (woman)- the body, mind, and spirit. The messages are uplifting, life-changing, inspirational, transformational, and empowering. If you share the vision of AHM, you can join us in restoring the greatness of humanity one person at a time…

Join me as I preach about The Missing Link tonight @6pm

It may be too late but I felt sharing with you this announcement.

I’m going to preach at Hailu Yohanness Ministries tonight @ 6 pm on the theme: The Missing Link: Faith Without Action is Dead. The place is Downtown Silver Spring at the Veteran Plaza. Ask security guys when you reach there to lead you to the conference room we are going to be.

In this teaching, my goal is to inspire the audience to take bold actions and transform their lives from janitor to CEO, rags to RICHES, shepherd to KING, prison to PALACE, etc. You too deserve to take your life, business, and calling to the next height in this New Year.

It is common to find many believers who have strong faith in God for Him to do great things in their life, business, relationship, etc. but they stop there. They expect miracle and signs. They hesitate and/or undermine the spiritual power of action. The paradox is that the Bible is full of God’s men and women who took bold actions to proof Him that they had faith in His Words, Promises, and Dreams. In our generation, the difference between those Christians who are pursuing their God- given assignments and making huge differences in their communities and organizations, and the billions who are just barely surviving and waiting to go to Heaven is Action. Otherwise, we all believe (even the devil believes)…

Let me ask you, what is missing in your life, business, and ministry? Why haven’t you entered your resting place? Why you believe something but experience something else? Show me a man/woman who has faith; I will show you a man/woman who takes bold actions; show me a woman/man who takes bold actions, and I will show you a woman/man of RESULTS.

What is missing in your life, relationship, business, career, ministry? Can it be action? You may say I am a man/woman of faith and take actions. That is great to hear. The follow up question is, do your actions are equivalent to your faith? Do your works equivalent to the HUGE assignment God gave you? Is your deed equivalent to the BIG vision that He showed you? If you answered for one or more of these questions YES, this is your day; this is a turning point… Don’t miss this…

However, I admit that this teaching may not be new to some of you but this is my hope that it may reengage you to take bold actions. Or it may be just a confirmation for your bold actions you have planned to take in this new year.

Most importantly, this teaching is be fitting to the season we are in- just entered a New Year. Let not the momentum stop at writing great New Year resolutions. Time to take bold actions…

You may feel free to invite your friends and colleagues whom you may think benefit from this theme.

Hope to see you soon!

Rejected? Rejoice!

RejoiceMore often than not, many people have mistaken the blessing and favor of God with being loved by everybody. That is not always true! It is possible that you are loved and favored by God but at the same time you may be rejected by the whole world. It looks paradoxical but stay with me and learn that rejection is one sign that you rejected being led by your senses, and it is the source of your joy.

The truth of the matter is that those great individuals we admire today and in this generation were rejected, hated, persecuted, and even killed by their own generation. Revisit history if you don’t believe me!  However, we are preoccupied with the greatness, recognition, and admiration they received forgetting the fact that they had experienced rejection after rejection to get the status they have now.

This is a universal truth. When you are right/righteous, you are loved and favored by God and His Son Jesus who is the Truth (John 14: 6). Let’s not misunderstand being right or righteous. I am not talking about being perfect. No one is perfect as the Bible says, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23).

Some one is right/righteous when that person discovers the Truth, embraces, and commits himself/herself. Knowing Jesus, embracing, and committing oneself shouldn’t be taken as a religious routine and a ticket to enter into heaven. It is about discovering the Truth (that defines God- the author of all truths in this universe), embracing and committing oneself to the truth Jesus represents. I will write another blog about this important topic in the future.

For now, let’s ask this question: Why people reject you when you know that you are right/righteous? There could be many reasons but it all comes to one thing, you chose a right path that they rejected. Because you embraced the Truth, they retaliate and reject you in return to proof you wrong (or to justify their own faulty choice).

Remember this, if you start to experience hate and rejection, while you are on the right track, rejoice. That is the sign that you have come to ‘your true sense’. Finally, you recognized your true self and responded to its yearning to be heard. Now, you start to listen and follow that inner voice, the voice of truth than listening the outside voices.

When you liberated yourself from being dictated by ‘common senses’, you have become for many people a sophisticated person, and the only and easy way they know how to deal with a new you is rejection. Many dictionaries define common sense as ‘a sound judgment based on a simple perception’. Our sense organs perceive things and situations based on the data they collect from their environment. They have limitations and only perceive what is in their ‘weave length’ but I know it and you know it, living a successful life (righteous life) and making the right choice in this challenging world filled with so many seemingly right choices requires more than depending on our senses. The problem is, reaching this level of awareness and choosing this lifestyle is not free and cheap…

When you stop following the lead of your senses that depend on the ‘popular’ things that are physical, tangible, touchable, acceptable, and visible, etc., you run into trouble. Rejecting to follow your senses results in rejection.  But rejoice (FYI, Rejoice is one of the core values of AHM)!

They didn’t break the law; did anything wrong against anyone. They were good and decent citizens but they were rejected the moment they aligned with the Truth. Their choice brought insult, rejection, and persecution. But here is what Jesus told His followers, “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you” (Matthew 5:11-12).

If you are experiencing rejection after rejection, you are not the only one. For that matter, you have joined the few elite group of people who aligned with the Truth. These are individuals who searched (and continue to search) the Truth, and once they get it they treasure it more than anything else. In this sacred journey, they are willing to experience ridicule, hate, and rejection…

But I am not encouraging you to go out and pick a fight and attribute that for being persecuted and most importantly the proof that you are right/righteous. Remember, being right/righteous means to discover, embrace, and commit yourself to the Truth, and the grand truth is that God/Jesus is LOVE. And this truth- love, overrides sin. Here is what the scripture has to say about love: “Love covereth all sins” (Proverbs 10:12).

If you have love, you overcame all things including sin, and you are eternal. God loves you and you are the apple of His eye. When you live like Jesus- the embodiment of Truth, you are love and becomes one with God. That is why Jesus said, “I and the Father are one” (John 10: 30). Be one with God by living in this world like Jesus lived!

Now, this is time to overcome all things including rejection. If you have love, God kind of love, you secured your everlasting life because everything in this world falls apart at the end of the day that includes your beautiful body and everything else you treasure. The only thing that endures is love, and therefore; you must seek love even if it may lead you to rejection…

Video teaching about entering into the Kingdom of God NOW…

  • Have you entered the Kingdom of God yet?
  • How do you know that you have already entered into this great Kingdom?
  • How does it feel?

If your answer is Yes and you went in great length to explain about it, well, congratulations, you are in a very envious position…

However, if your answer is No or some how you are hesitant to say Yes or No, well, a video teaching entitled “Entering the Kingdom of God now and reaping its full benefits” is coming. This teaching answers the aforementioned questions, and more…

In the meantime, we encourage you to study the Bible concerning the Kingdom of God while waiting the video to be edited and posted on our web site…

Leadership Bible Study Program is completed successfully

Certificate_AHMThe first round Leadership Bible Study Program (LBSP) was concluded successfully. The program was given for two groups and has been running on a weekly basis since February. Those who completed the program received certificate of recognition.

Taking Biblical leaders as examples, we completed a program that gave us a chance to draw leadership lessons from these great leaders. The Program was designed for Christian leaders who are partners of AHM. The Program focused in drawing lessons from some of the most influential Biblical leaders both from Old and New Testaments.



For each leader, we asked these and many other questions:

  •     What was his mission?
  •     What was his vision?
  •     What were his values?
  •     His leadership style (s)?
  •     His strengths?
  •     His weaknesses or things he should have done differently?

Most importantly, we dedicated enough time to take lessons from their leadership experience. The goal is to embrace and practice the good ones, and avoid the bad ones and refrain from making the same mistakes they committed. Of course, we also learned how to adopt the lessons to the objective conditions in the 21st century.

Love and Loyalty- the trademark of John

In the past two weeks, we studied the leadership of the Apostle John. There are so many lessons we could gain from one of the exemplery leaders of the early Church. However, in this blog, let’s focus on the one thing that differentiates John from the rest of Jesus’ disciples. That is, his love and loyalty.

If it is necessary to assign a trademark (brand) for each disciple of Jesus, John is entitled to earn the trademark of love and loyalty. John loved Jesus throughout their relationship and vice versa. That love and loyalty earned John to join Jesus’ inner circle together with James and Peter.

John’s love and loyalty to Jesus couldn’t be stopped even if Jesus was condemned to die. He was the only disciple who followed Jesus all the way until He was crucified. As unwavering loyalist, John was there during those tough times and when Jesus needed him the most. Because of his availability, John was given the most rare, prestigious, and honorable assignment a man can get from the Lord, to take care of His mother. It was believed that John had cared for Mary very well until she died.

By the way, Jesus was loyal to His Father and His disciples, and demonstrated that so many times. Throughout His ministry on earth, He was ultra-loyal to God and showed utmost loyalty to please Him. At one point, He said, “I seek not to please myself but him who sent me” (John 5: 30, NIV). Through thick and thin, His attention was executing the assignment He was given with unwavering loyalty. His loyalty was tested in the end and proven intact when He was obedient to death so as to fulfill the task His Father gave Him.

The same with His disciples. He was loyal to their well being. For example, when the soldiers came to apprehend Him, He identified Himself willingly and avoided violence that could have harmed His disciples. Once He surrendered, He asked the captors to let go of His disciples. That means, He gave His life to protect them. There is no love and loyalty than giving oneself to those who entrusted themselves to one’s influence.

John wrote three love epistles. He endured tough persecutions throughout his life. Regardless of the challenges he had faced, he kept the faith and died with dignity.

The question to all of us is whether we love our Lord and endure whatever challenges we may face as we serve Him? Are we ready to tolerate whatever comes in our way and remain loyal to the faith till the end? Do we have these great values (love and loyalty) in our life? How do we plan to remain in love and loyal to our mission, and to the people we entered covenant with us?

Please note that loyalty is a very rare commodity in this world, and a very important asset a leader should have. Without you being loyal to your people, they don’t trust you and entrust themselves for you to lead them. If you aren’t loyal to your people, they won’t be loyal to you and in turn to your mission. Therefore, stop using short cuts such as manipulations, and tricks in your leadership. Adopt loyalty as one of your core value, and lead with dignity.

The ultimate leader of all time- Jesus of nazreth

JesusIt has been quite a rewarding journey since the Ministry commenced its two Leadership Bible Study Programs for Christian leaders. For the past couple of months, we have taken a lot of leadership lessons from prominent Biblical figures. Last time, we shared with you about one of these great leaders- Nehemiah, a great restorer.

In the past three weeks, we have been studying the leadership abilities of Jesus. During these three sessions, we dug deep and studied the leadership qualities of the ultimate leader of all time, Jesus of Nazareth. Here, we are not talking about His divinity, or His other extraordinary deeds he performed while He was on earth. They are very important to learn from but in this program we focused only on His leadership side.
However, space won’t allow us if we try to post all of the leadership attributes of Jesus.
Below are some of His key leadership qualities those of us who are leading in the 21st Century may learn from:
1. He was purpose-oriented, and clear about His mission. He was single-minded with laser sharp focus. If you never asked this important question, and you are leading without knowing your unique and specific mission in life, then, this is time to figure out that as soon as possible. This is very important both for you as a person, the people you are influencing, and for the Kingdom of God. Your success, impact, and fulfillment is attached to the purpose you were born for.
2. He knew His timing. He started and finished at the right time, and accomplished countless things within a very short period of time. Knowing our season and acting accordingly is very important. We should be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and respond on time when we experience divine visitation. Do you remember how Jesus cried for Jerusalem because she couldn’t know her timing and visitation (Luke 19: 41)?
3. He was a visionary who saw the end from the very beginning. That was why He wasn’t distracted even when He was offered to become the king of a historic and great nation, Israel (John 6: 15). He envisioned where He would finish His leadership journey at the very start. He remained loyal to pursue and finally utter the phrase ‘It is finished’ (John 19: 30). Is there any thing in this world more important than saying this phrase at the end of our life?
4. He was a great communicator who used parables His audience could easily understand. Not only He was talking, but He was also a good listener both from His Father in Heaven, and the people around Him. He even could be able to listen their worries, concerns, and doubts in their heart. Without listening, you cannot become a good communicator. Without communication, it is unlikely to achieve anything meaningful.
5. He was a servant leader. Though He was the Lord, Teacher of all teachers, and the King of kings, He preferred to serve than served. The ONE who was before Abraham, and the One who sat on the everlasting throne well before the creation of this universe began chose to serve than seek service from the works of His own Hand?! He said, “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many” (Matthew 20: 28). The world is desperate to get your service. Are you one of those leaders who lord over their people, and demand (overtly and not so overtly) the world around them to serve, respect, and recognize them? Well, now, know that true leadership that leads you towards fulfillment, which in turn brings eternal rewards from your Creator and Sustainer now and in eternity is service, nothing else. Serving in the area of your calling and until everything He deposited in you is emptied while serving with great commitment and dedication.
6. He lived with a sense of urgency. He lived each day as if that was His last. His statements such as my food is to do the works of my Father; we should work while it is still daylight, show us His dedication to redeem the time He had while He was in this world trapped with a time-belt. What is your priority? Do you maximize each day by investing it towards the accomplishment of your mission?
7. He had strong values, some of which were counter-cultural. He showed commitment for His values such as service (before prominence), and love (than revenge). What are your values that define you? Have you imparted them to your people, and developed shared values? Do you show commitment toward these values, and lead by example?
8. He was a leader with great character. He kept His promises, and walked the talk. Developing character that resembles with Jesus may take life time. However, it worths. Remember, Paul was complaining about some of the things he couldn’t overcome at the early stage of his leadership. But, at the end of the day, he boldly commanded his followers: ‘Be like me as I am like Christ’. Without sound character, we cannot influence people’s heart, initiate, and lead change. Therefore, identify those character attributes you need to have, improve, and work on your character’s development on a consistent basis until you boldly declare: “Now, I am like Christ!”
Jesus is our Lord, King, and the prototype leader we all Christians, especially Christian leaders should learn from His leadership approaches and serve the world according to our calling and until we finish our race successfully.
Note: This and next week, we study the leadership of John the Apostle so that we may learn from his leadership, and most importantly apply.

Studying the Bible for practical applications

BibleIn the beginning of this year, as part of our Bible study program, we decided to cover three major themes. At this point, we have covered the majority of the foundational topics within the first theme.

For instance, during the past two weeks, we covered the triad nature of man- body, mind/soul, and spirit. We studied the nature, function, and coordination of these three different but important parts of man that are critical to survive and succeed in this world, and accomplish God’s purpose in this generation. We referred the Bible and also used latest scientific discoveries to better understand the natures of the three parts of man, how to effectively manage, and lead the different aspects of these three parts so as to live our life according to God’s will and commandments.

This and next week, we will cover the Kingdom of God. During these sessions, we will discuss the nature of God’s Kingdom, Its culture, principles, and how to enter, and live within the Kingdom of God while we are still in this world. Using the Bible and other books written on the subject matter, we will study, understand, and most importantly live our life according to the principles of the Kingdom of God.

AHM is dedicated to make sure that our teachings are profound and at the same time practical. We help our partners to have a deeper understanding about the Word of God and also know on how to apply them in the real world and on a daily basis. We empower our partners to live a winning and victorious Christian living as Jesus and His disciples lived more than two thousands years ago.