You’re the Right Person at the Right Time

Everything in this universe has a purpose

Even those things we consider non-living play important roles for this universe to stay life-sustaining.

If we don’t know yet the purpose of a thing doesn’t mean it doesn’t have one.

If you haven’t yet discovered your purpose doesn’t mean you don’t have one.

Relevance comes from purpose

Every matter contains a part of the metaphysical universe within it. That is why everything in this physical universe obeys the physical laws, which reside outside of the physical universe.

Because they don’t have will like we do, they play out their purpose and stay relevant.

Our relevance is determined by our purpose. Since we have a will, however, we can refuse to play. But, there is a price we pay for disobedience- irrelevance.

When you fail to discover or neglect your purpose, you’re rendering yourself irrelevant.

You’ve emerged from eternity to time to join the right generation

You emerged from eternity to time at the right time.

This is the right generation you are supposed to serve using your calling.

As a conscious being, however, you have the right how to respond to the timing.

Answer your call before it expires

You can live casually and as if you are a product of a biological accident without a meaningful purpose.

Or, you can step up and take responsibility to discover and pursue your grand purpose greater than yourself.

You are not here to merely survive and get by. You’re the image of God- the chief Creator. Like begets like. You too. You came here to create (recreate) based on your CALLING.

You’re here to better the lives of others and to contribute your fair share in advancing the evolutionary progress of humanity one step forward.

The whole of humanity desperately waits for your response, we need your talent and gifting.

Don’t let time pass without you doing something about your purpose.

Of course, I’m not naive to think that the world is organized and structured to allow you to pursue your purpose (passion) with ease. However, others discovered, pursued, and fulfilled their purposes even if they found themselves in more difficult circumstances. You too, with the help of God, can join that elite group of humanity.

Seize the time and avoid regrets later. Respond to your call, if you’ve not yet…

Timing is key to your fulfillment. There will come a time when it would be too late. Redeem the time while you can…

Jesus emerged from eternity to time at the right time

Jesus came at the right time.

Yes, He would have reached more people if He had come now given the technological advancement we achieved because we have been evolving mentally. However, He would have had a hard time achieving His purpose if He had come later.

For starters, the Father and Holy Spirit wouldn’t find the right conditions for the coming of the Son.

He would have also risked a lot and would have found the system hard to beat.

Just think about this. In this TikTok era, could His mom refrain from Tiktoking and protect the Child from the watchful eyes of Herod?

Would today’s shepherds with cellphones sing with Angels and keep it for themselves without spooking Herod?

What about the Wise men? Could they keep their mouth shut? Wouldn’t they naturally share their itinerary on social media?

Jesus would have been killed by Herod while a baby or persecuted deep into Egypt by Herod’s political machinery.

Are you having a hobby or a grand purpose?

You and I are not Jesus and we don’t need to worry about ‘Herod’. Our purpose may not require us to be crucified on a cross and publicly. But, if we have discovered a worthy purpose, it automatically entails a serious and unwavering commitment.

The question is whether we’re ready to pay our dues to pursue and fulfill our purpose.

Of course, for some of us, that price could be just working hard, which may require staying late and getting up early.

For some of us, it could be the willingness to look foolish and even crazy, putting our reputation on the line, and so on.

What price has your purpose cost you so far? Whatever price you have paid so far, remember this. If you already found your true purpose, which determines your fulfillment, you won’t hesitate to die for it, if it comes to that.

If you’re not ready to die for your God-given purpose, you haven’t found it. Even if you think you found it. it is just a hobby and doesn’t lead you to fulfillment.

This is the time to find and pursue your purpose… Before it is too late. Before it expires… Before it becomes too late…

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