Trust God, and enjoy the ride!

You can’t effectively communicate and convenience why you’re taking your cat to the veterinary clinic.

She hates when it is time to visit the vet. She resists and hides. She may even revolt not knowing it is in her best interest.

She hates needles. She doesn’t like pain. She thinks you’re taking her to the veterinarian to harm her. She may even think that you don’t care. She may even contemplate that you must be a psychopath who enjoys others’ pain 🙂

What a journey it would have been for her if she knew it was in her best interest. She cannot wait for each visit. She enjoys each trip. She would have played on the way to the clinic. She would have appreciated her owner and returned the favor.

Trust God! He has your best interest.

Walk with Him with the right attitude even if you don’t like the journey you’re now taking. Even if it is uncomfortable and painful, why not enjoy the ride, and be thankful?!

Why don’t you believe in your heart that there must be something good at the end of the tough journey you’re now taking…

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