The Apollo 8 crew’s 1st message to earth, In the beginning, God…

Have you appreciated the endowment God bestowed on the human mind yet? Have you begun evolving your soul? In 1968, Astronauts of Apollo 8 were sitting in the most advanced spaceship up to that point. They were basking in the glory of science that made it possible for the crew to take that historic celestial trip successfully.

In the midst of this, though they could have chosen any message to broadcast the good news of their safe arrival to the eagerly awaiting fellow humans on this side of the space, they chose to read ‘In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…’

They realized, from a very close sight, the majestic creations in space couldn’t have come to existence by chance or some forms of unguided processes. They knew that only God can design and set up a system so precise that we humans could land spaceships with such precisions.

The laws and constants He put in place in the beginning, and the divine anointing He bestowed on the human mind made it possible for the crew to have that once-in-a-lifetime feast far from home.

Unfortunately, we’re not yet where we should have been in our mental evolution. We haven’t yet scratched the surface of our potential. What is more? We have been so far evolving our minds.

We haven’t yet begun evolving our souls. I can imagine the glory and feast we will have when that happens, and I can’t wait to see this higher form of evolution advancing during my lifetime on earth, before transitioning to eternity. What about you? #Apollo8 #MindEvolution #SoulEvolution #CelestialFeast #God

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