Reintroducing the true God by stripping the wrong selling points of religion

I asked a while back a colleague of mine who confesses that he is an atheist: “How come it doesn’t bother you that there are overwhelming evidences concerning the existence of an intelligent being behind creation?” His answer stunned me! He said, ‘I rather prefer simplicity. It’s easier for me to believe that the universe and life came to existence from nothing than to accept a complex scenario where there is a white, old, angry guy who sits on a throne in the sky somewhere and adamant to burn people alive forever if they sinned.’

My answer was “I’d have taken the same position as yours if your description of God was accurate.” I explained to him that the God behind this gigantic and intelligent being, the giver of life, the God who created us after His own image isn’t close to what religion sold to us.

If you are struggling like my colleague, my advice for you is that, though it may not be as simple as believing life and an intelligent universe came to existence from nothing, it worths spending time and energy to get to know the true God who:

  • Is love!
  • Gave us the will to decide how we spend our life and the unlimited potential resources He made available for each one of us.
  • Went the extra mile to come to our level in the physical universe, the Word became flesh, taking our likeness as a man- Jesus, to reacquaint Himself, express His love in person by going to the extent of giving His life as a way to demonstrate His unwavering love to humanity regardless of our race, ethnicity, religious background, and socioeconomic status.
  • Doesn’t have ego nor envy if we become like Him.
  • Cannot wait to see His kids grow and fulfill their glorious destiny. The God who vowed to make Himself available 24/7 in spirit if we need Him (if we ask, knock, seek).
  • Made available everything we need to empower us to become one with Him, well beyond time and space, in eternity.
  • And so on…

AHM is here to reintroduce you to the true God by stripping all the none sense religion introduced about God.

If you’re interested to hear more of such insights, and how to develop some of the skills necessary to use the insights, invite Dr. Assegid to your Church/Ministry.

In the future, he will be publishing books and offering programs tailored for Christians. If you would like to learn more about how he may serve your mission and team, reach out at

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