No power could nullify the purpose of God toward humanity on this planet

We are getting there. We will outlast this damn virus soon.

It was dark this time last year. Now, we see a light at the end of the tunnel.

We, humans, are still in charge in this universe. Nothing, let alone a microbial, will be able to erase the grand purpose God has for His images in the physical universe. We are too powerful, maybe even too dangerous, without even yet evolving enough.

With a little evolution we have experienced so far in our mind (which allowed us to invent science and use it for our advantages, sometimes, of course, for our own demise), we have come a long way.

Can you imagine where we would be if we evolved, reformed, and come close to the likeness of God by evolving spiritually in our soul?

The point is, even with our rudimentary and incomplete evolution, we can beat any creation what so ever they become evolved and remain vicious. They can only evolve physically in their body with a subconscious intelligence that operates in them.

For us, with our unique frontal lobe, the portal for our conscious mind that in turn connects with the unlimited quantum universe, and with our soul that resides in our heart- the hardware, which also maintains a connection with God and the spiritual world, we are unstoppable by anything, let alone COVID19 ???

And, AHM is committed to empowering you if you haven’t yet first begin your personal evolution, which you started by gaining redemption, and then take it to the next level through restoration including renewing your mind until your soul continues to reform and becomes one with God.

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