Keep going on your soul’s evolutionary continuum

God is perfect. He is ‘outside of space and time’ where no one in space time and time could fully describe nor experience Him. There are no words, symbols, analogies, nor metaphors that can accurately explain Him, His intentions, and how He operates. If you ever attempt to do so, what you came up with, what so ever impressive it maybe earthly speaking, it cannot be God. God is indescribable, limitless, and full of potential.

So far you may follow me. I’m afraid, some may lose me quickly when I say our soul is perfect, pure, limitless, and full of potential like God- the Father of all spirits. Of course, before our soul emerged from God, from eternity to time, and from the same spiritual universe God resides into the temporal physical universe.

What is more? When she finishes her earthly assignment starting from redemption by passing through restoration and ultimately reformation, you will say boldly like Jesus, it’s finished; like Paul, I’m finished my race. Your soul cannot wait to become one with God for you to say, what is my Father is mine; He is in me and I in Him.

I understand that this could be too much for some to process and take it in one dose. Take time, pray, meditate, and reflect on it. No rush… Though you are in this world, you’re not off this world. Though you are in time and space in your body, you are already in eternity and spiritual universe as your redeemed soul maintains contact with the headquarter.

Don’t worry where your soul is on this holiest and godliest spectrum. Wherever your soul may be on the evolutionary continuum before she becomes one with God and reunite without losing her uniqueness, keep going. The Father in you is the one who will do the work necessary as far as you are willing to obey Him and your ego submits to the soul.

You will finish your race as the everlasting Kingdom is in you. You are the temple of God. The Kingdom provides what your soul needs to fulfill her journey from Redemption to Restoration, and ultimately Reformation. You have also in you the great Teacher, who will guide you to all the truth, Holy Spirit! Him as your teacher, mentor, and guide, you won’t lose.

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