Everything has portals to listen to higher beings like us, they obey us…

Everything in this universe (every matter) including non-living things has a ‘mind’. Their electrons and quarks have portals to listen and obey physical, quantum, and spiritual laws. They listen and obey higher beings that operate in the universal mind and in the spiritual world.

Jesus knew this and that was why He was talking to the fig tree, storm, bread, and alive and dead fishes. He walked on the water, healed dead body parts, and raised the dead. These things that were supposed to be deaf had ‘ears’ to listen to a higher being. They obeyed Him!

It is the law, matter obeys mind; mind obeys spirit. We’re conscious beings at the core, we are spirits. We have the authority & ability to ‘talk’ to things and they obey us if we believe.

Let’s be real! Lots of people didn’t get this far to read my blog. They think I lost my mind. Many of you who got this far, deep inside there is a confirmation but your conscious mind is struggling to believe what I just wrote.

Some of you believe it is true but you don’t deserve it. You may be thinking, consciously or unconsciously, this is reserved only for deities and some exceptional saints. You don’t feel that the Kingdom of God is in you. You don’t know that you share the glory of God. You don’t believe that He made you in His image. You don’t believe what Jesus said, ‘you can do these things I’m doing and greater than these’. As a result, you don’t ‘talk’ to things (your problems, circumstances, needs, etc.) except for humans and animals (not all but at least your dogs and cats).

Of course, knowledge doesn’t translate into doing until someone owns it. Everyone that heard and saw what Jesus was doing was unable to practice as He did. However, we have heard and seen many after Him who did own the truths were able to do great things…

Some of you, not only you don’t believe yourself, if you see someone close attempting this, you may take them to a psychiatrist 🙂 You may think they must be insane. I fully understand that 🙂

But, some of you may already know and believe this truth and a few of you might have even practiced it. You spoke to your cancer and it vanished. You prayed and witnessed your desperate needs are met miraculously. You were meditating and all of a sudden your dead hope arose out of nowhere and you began living your dream life. The list continues.

If this principle (everything obeys conscious and spirit beings like us) is working all the time for you, well, you don’t need this writing. Go out there and continue to shine, and empower others to do the same. Hey, reach out and we would like to hear about your experience…

If you, however, struggle with why you haven’t succeeded all the time, the truth of the matter is that knowing is one thing, owning a truth is another. Until we own a truth that we have come in contact with, we cannot use it as we wish. It doesn’t yet work all the time.

Otherwise, we conscious and spirit beings have the nature to interact with everything in this universe and beyond since the latter have portals that listen to higher beings like us. More writings on this. Stay tuned…

Let’s keep growing spiritually to own our truths and benefit ourselves and others with the knowing.
The world is in desperate need of your full manifestation! Time to be ‘human’. Time to be who you are supposed to be. Time to manifest the greatness of God within!

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