Develop your Faith and unchain your greatness during your lifetime

There is no worldview that doesn’t depend on ‘faith’. We, humans, are dependent on faith, small or grand, more than any other creation. Our spiritual nature predisposes us to first have faith before we commit ourselves, especially for grand undertakings.

Think about this. You won’t even get up in the morning while feeling sleepy unless you have faith to do so. You won’t get to the bathroom unless you have some form of faith that your shower works. These are little things that require little subconscious level faith.

However, we need a larger dose of faith when we come out of our comfort zone to take on the bigger stuff. We have to consciously make a choice based on what we believe, whether our choice is correct in the grand scheme of things or not. We couldn’t have accomplished great things so far, personally and collectively, if it hadn’t been to our faith in the first place.

You may be surprised, even atheists, who despised ‘believers’ for having ‘blind faith’, must have a lot of faith to believe that non-life (mere matter) evolved by itself to life without the guidance of intelligence (mind) behind it.

If you ask me, it takes a lesser faith to believe that there exists God behind creation who called with His creative Words as though those things that hadn’t existed to being than to believe this sophisticated, fine-tuned, and life-sustaining universe came from nothing and by itself from out of nowhere.

Of course, we don’t have an adequate explanation from atheists who espouse this theory what that nothing looks like? Is it just an empty space? What was that nothing that somehow birthed this universe forth? How and when did the process began and to what end? And many more questions. That is why it takes a more powerful faith to believe such a theory. No wonder why one scientist said, science buried atheism than God ?

The more our mind evolves and with it science, it is hard to believe that there is no higher intelligence behind this highly organized intelligent universe. This is my belief that there will come a time where spiritual scientists who have enough faith, who evolved spiritually, will be able to explain in scientific terms and using believable models acceptable by even those skeptic minds how the universe came to being through the guidance of an intelligent Creator.

Don’t forget, AHM is here to empower you to develop faith, evolve spiritually, that allows you to tap into the invisible universe and bring forth great innovations, products, and services that glorify God, the inventor of mind, and for the greater good of humanity in this and future generations. You have come, your soul, from eternity to time for a greater purpose than just make it to the end in anyhow. You are the image of God and He designed you wonderfully and made available everything you need to manifest the greatness of God.

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