Darwin only saw a glimpse of the law of evolution, let’s continue to evolve beyond the physical…

Charles Darwin caught a glimpse of one of the most important processes (laws) that govern life, evolution. It had been in plain sight since the beginning of time and space but no one caught it until Darwin did. Of course, there are many who still refuse to acknowledge evolution partly because Darwin and his proponents took evolution too far as if it is the cause of life and the universe itself. It’s just a law invented and placed by a higher intelligent being. You can call the latter God or whatever name you prefer.

Note that because of the evolutionary phase (mainly physical) humanity had been prior and during Darwin’s time, he could only capture the physical manifestations of evolution. However, we’ve been evolving since then beyond the physical- mentally and a little bit spiritually, that many scientists went farther than what Darwin could. As a result, they began to realize that there is another non-physical universe that has its own non-physical laws, quantum laws. Of course, there are still some who camped around Darwin’s initial theory and refused to open their eyes and see the full scope of evolution beyond the physical.

Likewise, as it was during Darwin’s days, some scientists would like to settle with the glimpse they have about the extent to which evolution involves both the physical and metaphysical universes. Who blames them?! Our collective consciousness hasn’t yet evolved as it is supposed to be (we’re too slow) to fully capture the complete scope of evolution.

Nonetheless, we began to realize that evolution is supreme beyond the physical and metaphysical universes. It’s an exciting time to be alive. We’ve come a long way, thanks to ‘evolution’. Other beings aren’t endowed as we did to evolve mentally and spiritually. Since we’re conscious beings at our core, we have unlimited potential to the extent of becoming one with God. Will we get there in this generation? I doubt. Will we be there in our collective evolution in 100, 1000, 10, 000 years, or a million years? I don’t know… I can’t be sure. What I know is that we’ve come a long way, and we’re not yet done, even if many in this generation might have given up on humanity! I’m not and you shouldn’t too…

Let’s continue to evolve in our mind and spirit to capture not just the law of evolution but many more supreme laws which we haven’t discovered yet to take humanity and its collective consciousness to the next height. Let’s play our parts toward this exciting journey of our race. Let’s give a better world and civilization to the next generation. If we do so, they will take it from there and advance on the spectrum of evolution not just in the physical and metaphysical but also in the spiritual realm.

If you’re up to this challenge, why don’t you join us and let’s work together to create a movement that contributes toward the evolution of our collective consciousness? Reach out and we’d love to hear your thoughts and how you would like to involve.

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