We empower you to excel in what you do while growing toward spiritual mastery

There is nothing more devastating than knowing the truth and failing to abide by it. Jesus said that the very word I’ve spoken will be your judge. Paul also stressed that it would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness. Many already know what they should have known to succeed in their spiritual life. What is lacking is the competencies to translate the knowing into practical actions.
There is also nothing more tormenting than getting awakened (born again) and stopping from rehabilitating (restoring) your soul. There is also nothing more agonizing than stagnating in one’s spiritual journey and feeling unfulfilled and stuck, not knowing the next steps to evolve and ultimately attain spiritual mastery.

It is one thing to redeem one’s soul, it is totally different restoring it, and continuously reforming it till it evolves to become one with God.

If one or more of these describes you, you have come to the right place. We are here to empower you so that you pass through the three most important spiritual stages that ultimately lead you to spiritual mastery.

We aren’t your typical ministry. We don’t teach you religion nor convert you from one religion to another. We aren’t here to mediate between you and God. We’re empowering you to communicate and relate with God yourself directly.

We’re not here attempting to make you a religious fanatic too. We’re very cognizant of the fact that you live in the physical and metaphysical worlds too. You need to keep the balance and grow holistically. Unless you’re called, you don’t need to be a priest, a pastor, or a guru to be spiritual and attain spiritual mastery.

What is more? We don’t believe spirituality and science are mutually exclusive. We integrate the insights one gets from spirituality with the latest discoveries in some important science fields such as medicine, neuroplasticity, epigenetics, and more. That way, not only do we equip you to grow spiritually but also to excel in what you do, to be light and salt wherever you live, work, and do business.

We are very practical where we don’t just preach you to death. We offer practical tools, strategies, and tactics that will empower you not only to advance in your spiritual growth but also to be successful on earth as you pursue your purpose toward fulfillment.

To learn more about our ministry, how you may get involved as our partner, and for questions reach out via [email protected]

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Trust God, and enjoy the ride!

You can’t effectively communicate and convenience why you’re taking your cat to the veterinary clinic.

She hates when it is time to visit the vet. She resists and hides. She may even revolt not knowing it is in her best interest.

She hates needles. She doesn’t like pain. She thinks you’re taking her to the veterinarian to harm her. She may even think that you don’t care. She may even contemplate that you must be a psychopath who enjoys others’ pain 🙂

What a journey it would have been for her if she knew it was in her best interest. She cannot wait for each visit. She enjoys each trip. She would have played on the way to the clinic. She would have appreciated her owner and returned the favor.

Trust God! He has your best interest.

Walk with Him with the right attitude even if you don’t like the journey you’re now taking. Even if it is uncomfortable and painful, why not enjoy the ride, and be thankful?!

Why don’t you believe in your heart that there must be something good at the end of the tough journey you’re now taking…

#TrustGod #GodIsTrustworthy #GodHasYourBestInterest #TakeThatJourney #BeHappyWhereYouAreInLife #TheBestIsYetToCome #Rejoice #EnjoyTheRide

Everything has portals to listen to higher beings like us, they obey us…

Everything in this universe (every matter) including non-living things has a ‘mind’. Their electrons and quarks have portals to listen and obey physical, quantum, and spiritual laws. They listen and obey higher beings that operate in the universal mind and in the spiritual world.

Jesus knew this and that was why He was talking to the fig tree, storm, bread, and alive and dead fishes. He walked on the water, healed dead body parts, and raised the dead. These things that were supposed to be deaf had ‘ears’ to listen to a higher being. They obeyed Him!

It is the law, matter obeys mind; mind obeys spirit. We’re conscious beings at the core, we are spirits. We have the authority & ability to ‘talk’ to things and they obey us if we believe.

Let’s be real! Lots of people didn’t get this far to read my blog. They think I lost my mind. Many of you who got this far, deep inside there is a confirmation but your conscious mind is struggling to believe what I just wrote.

Some of you believe it is true but you don’t deserve it. You may be thinking, consciously or unconsciously, this is reserved only for deities and some exceptional saints. You don’t feel that the Kingdom of God is in you. You don’t know that you share the glory of God. You don’t believe that He made you in His image. You don’t believe what Jesus said, ‘you can do these things I’m doing and greater than these’. As a result, you don’t ‘talk’ to things (your problems, circumstances, needs, etc.) except for humans and animals (not all but at least your dogs and cats).

Of course, knowledge doesn’t translate into doing until someone owns it. Everyone that heard and saw what Jesus was doing was unable to practice as He did. However, we have heard and seen many after Him who did own the truths were able to do great things…

Some of you, not only you don’t believe yourself, if you see someone close attempting this, you may take them to a psychiatrist 🙂 You may think they must be insane. I fully understand that 🙂

But, some of you may already know and believe this truth and a few of you might have even practiced it. You spoke to your cancer and it vanished. You prayed and witnessed your desperate needs are met miraculously. You were meditating and all of a sudden your dead hope arose out of nowhere and you began living your dream life. The list continues.

If this principle (everything obeys conscious and spirit beings like us) is working all the time for you, well, you don’t need this writing. Go out there and continue to shine, and empower others to do the same. Hey, reach out and we would like to hear about your experience…

If you, however, struggle with why you haven’t succeeded all the time, the truth of the matter is that knowing is one thing, owning a truth is another. Until we own a truth that we have come in contact with, we cannot use it as we wish. It doesn’t yet work all the time.

Otherwise, we conscious and spirit beings have the nature to interact with everything in this universe and beyond since the latter have portals that listen to higher beings like us. More writings on this. Stay tuned…

Let’s keep growing spiritually to own our truths and benefit ourselves and others with the knowing.
The world is in desperate need of your full manifestation! Time to be ‘human’. Time to be who you are supposed to be. Time to manifest the greatness of God within!

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Darwin only saw a glimpse of the law of evolution, let’s continue to evolve beyond the physical…

Charles Darwin caught a glimpse of one of the most important processes (laws) that govern life, evolution. It had been in plain sight since the beginning of time and space but no one caught it until Darwin did. Of course, there are many who still refuse to acknowledge evolution partly because Darwin and his proponents took evolution too far as if it is the cause of life and the universe itself. It’s just a law invented and placed by a higher intelligent being. You can call the latter God or whatever name you prefer.

Note that because of the evolutionary phase (mainly physical) humanity had been prior and during Darwin’s time, he could only capture the physical manifestations of evolution. However, we’ve been evolving since then beyond the physical- mentally and a little bit spiritually, that many scientists went farther than what Darwin could. As a result, they began to realize that there is another non-physical universe that has its own non-physical laws, quantum laws. Of course, there are still some who camped around Darwin’s initial theory and refused to open their eyes and see the full scope of evolution beyond the physical.

Likewise, as it was during Darwin’s days, some scientists would like to settle with the glimpse they have about the extent to which evolution involves both the physical and metaphysical universes. Who blames them?! Our collective consciousness hasn’t yet evolved as it is supposed to be (we’re too slow) to fully capture the complete scope of evolution.

Nonetheless, we began to realize that evolution is supreme beyond the physical and metaphysical universes. It’s an exciting time to be alive. We’ve come a long way, thanks to ‘evolution’. Other beings aren’t endowed as we did to evolve mentally and spiritually. Since we’re conscious beings at our core, we have unlimited potential to the extent of becoming one with God. Will we get there in this generation? I doubt. Will we be there in our collective evolution in 100, 1000, 10, 000 years, or a million years? I don’t know… I can’t be sure. What I know is that we’ve come a long way, and we’re not yet done, even if many in this generation might have given up on humanity! I’m not and you shouldn’t too…

Let’s continue to evolve in our mind and spirit to capture not just the law of evolution but many more supreme laws which we haven’t discovered yet to take humanity and its collective consciousness to the next height. Let’s play our parts toward this exciting journey of our race. Let’s give a better world and civilization to the next generation. If we do so, they will take it from there and advance on the spectrum of evolution not just in the physical and metaphysical but also in the spiritual realm.

If you’re up to this challenge, why don’t you join us and let’s work together to create a movement that contributes toward the evolution of our collective consciousness? Reach out and we’d love to hear your thoughts and how you would like to involve.

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AHM is committed to Your Holistic Spiritual Development

We at AHM believe that we humans have four distinct parts with different nature and assignments:

  1. body,
  2. mind,
  3. soul, and
  4. spirit.

As a result, our Ministry is committed to helping you grow holistically in all four parts of your being:

  • The body hosts our soul in this physical universe hostile to spirits. For the soul to obey the physical laws and remain in this world, she needs a temporary host/temple. Therefore, we need to norish and maintain it properly. That means, we’ve to eat right and excercise regularly. We cannot leave the health of our body to others, even to our doctors. We have to be in charge and become knowledgeable concering how our body works and what it needs to remain energetic and vibrant. We should also be mindfull of what hurts and destroys our temple. We at AHM, though a spiritual organization, we advocate taking care of our body. We go further and teach you enough to take care of your body so that it keeps going and fulfill its support functions successfully until our soul evolves and finishes her assignment on earth. That cannot happen with a weak and sick body. Such a body not only drags and slows the soul, it phases out prematurely before the soul finihses her earthly assignment. We need a quickened and healthy body until we get fulfilled in life and become one with God on earth. Know that the healthier we become in our mind and spirit, the more vibrant and healthier our body gets, and vice versa.
  • The mind offers a quantum space for us to tap into the metaphysical/quantum universe through imagination and visioning. Unlike other beings, we can create things that don’t exist in the physical world using resources in the quantum universe whih is filled with unlimited potential to provide us (through imagination and visioning) to envision, mold, and finally birth whatever we see in our mind and committed to bring forth into reality. This, however, requires renewing our mind to align with our true identity and our ability to create like our Source who bought this physical universe into existing from out of no where. Unless we restore our mind and feed it properly and with the right mental foods, we cannot restore ourselves back to our former glory, the glory we share with God- like begets like. Though the soul knows this, our mind must capture this and communicate to the body. Otherwise, the soul knows from the glory which she came to this world when she emerged from God and eternity to enter into space and time using our phsyical body (the microscopic zygote). We at AHM, we empower you to renew your mind and sharpen your envisioning skills.
  • The soul is the real deal. She is the true identity of a person. She shares glory with God and meant to evolve and become one with God. We are here on earth mainly for this purpose, to mature our god like identity by evolving to become one with God as our soul evolve, pursue her assignment on earth, and get fulfilled. For the soul to pursue her assignment and get fulfilled, nonetheless, our body, spirit, and mind need to support her in the physical and quantum universes. We at AHM teach you how to align your other parts with the soul. This in turn allows the soul to advance in pursuing her mandate and finally align with the will of God and become one with God, return back and united with God. As she emerged from God when you were born, she will go back evolved by becoming one with God to unite and continue to exist in the next phase of her journey while maintaining her unique identity as YOU.
  • The spirit, like the mind, provides us a spiritual portal to tap into the spiritual universe through faith, prayer, and meditation. We need to keep reforming and growing spiritually. We had a seed of God’s spirit within. As a seed, it is limitless. Nonetheless, we need to nurture it and keep reform ourselves spiritually. We at AHM equip you to develop and finetune your spiritual competencies.

To help you grow holistically and develop your spiritual growth, we at AHM will:

  • Publish books,
  • Produce in person, virtual, video, and audio programs, and
  • Arrange events to empower you grow in all aspects of your life so that you could claim your inherent greatness, and ultimately become one with God by passing through the three stages of spiritual development: Redemption, Restoration, and Reformation.

Reach out if you may have any questions or need further explanations at [email protected]

The Apollo 8 crew’s 1st message to earth, In the beginning, God…

Have you appreciated the endowment God bestowed on the human mind yet? Have you begun evolving your soul? In 1968, Astronauts of Apollo 8 were sitting in the most advanced spaceship up to that point. They were basking in the glory of science that made it possible for the crew to take that historic celestial trip successfully.

In the midst of this, though they could have chosen any message to broadcast the good news of their safe arrival to the eagerly awaiting fellow humans on this side of the space, they chose to read ‘In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…’

They realized, from a very close sight, the majestic creations in space couldn’t have come to existence by chance or some forms of unguided processes. They knew that only God can design and set up a system so precise that we humans could land spaceships with such precisions.

The laws and constants He put in place in the beginning, and the divine anointing He bestowed on the human mind made it possible for the crew to have that once-in-a-lifetime feast far from home.

Unfortunately, we’re not yet where we should have been in our mental evolution. We haven’t yet scratched the surface of our potential. What is more? We have been so far evolving our minds.

We haven’t yet begun evolving our souls. I can imagine the glory and feast we will have when that happens, and I can’t wait to see this higher form of evolution advancing during my lifetime on earth, before transitioning to eternity. What about you? #Apollo8 #MindEvolution #SoulEvolution #CelestialFeast #God

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Raise Spiritual Leaders

Are you frustrated with the ever-increasing challenges your organization faces? Have you been thinking that there is nothing you could do to address the problems your respective community is raddled with? Well, be like those organizations (both secular and religious) that have already begun to see that the challenges they’re facing are so enormous that they needed solutions ‘out of this world’.

It became apparent to these few smart organizations that their leaders should go well beyond the senses to tap into the quantum and spiritual worlds to bring forth creative and sustainable solutions that last. Some actually created the environment (mini-conference rooms, policies, procedures, and ground rules) where their leaders can get quiet time on a daily basis to think, reflect, pray, and meditate. They began inviting spiritual gurus from diverse religious affiliations to their organizations to activate and then enable their people to tap into their spiritual side.

Is your organization and/or community is left behind? Know that spiritual leadership is a must for the 21st C organizations and communities raddled with unceasing and complex problems that can’t be resolved without leaders flying at a higher frequency.

If a leader uses just the senses and her brain, she is attempting to influence ‘matter with matter’, and she is operating at a lower frequency. If she upgrades & uses her mind, again, she is using mind to influence matter.

In this era, we need leaders who are spiritual, who can influence both mind and matter to bring innovative solutions to this generation faced with unending and severe challenges created at mind and matter levels by going deep and tapping into the spiritual world.

If your team, organization, and/or community is interested to raise such extraordinary leaders, regardless of your religious affiliation, reach out, and we would love to work with your leaders. #SpiritualLeadership #SpiritOverMind #SpiritOverMatter www.assegid.org

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Addressing the wrong assumptions why we are committed to restoring the greatness of humanity

There were a few encounters where I was challenged by fellow Christians who didn’t like my use of the word ‘greatness’. They feel like I’m feeding my ego and luring them to this illusive idea by appealing to their egos. For them, we’re just sinners saved by grace. We are fallen creations not worthy of greatness. We suppose to be humble and lower our expectations than claiming the way we do in this ministry- restoring the greatness of humanity one person at a time.

Though I totally understand from where they are coming from, they are having so many wrong assumptions. If I had the assumptions they have, I’d have felt the same thing. Nonetheless, my assumptions come from the original intention of God, the very reason why He created us plus the teachings and encouragements of Jesus who at one point told His followers ‘you can do these and greater things than these’.

Let me just address a few of them in this blog. The first and major assumption is that God will be offended or even be mad when we aspire to become great. This assumption comes by missing the original intention of why God created man. God desired to duplicate Himself in the physical world. As any creator including humans, His greatness is manifested by the greatness He displays in His creation, especially the ones that carry His image. God was the one who said ‘be fruitful’. God was the one who promised to Abraham ‘I’ll make your name great’ and delivered on this promise. Don’t forget, as Paul wrote, if we belong to Christ, then we are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise. In short, becoming great is our inheritance as children of God and heirs of Abraham. What would be shameful is if we fall short of manifesting God’s greatness during our lifetime. What is cowardice is to hide behind humility and fail to have fsith in God’s ability to transform our life from underdog to great.

They also assume that we are still sinners. That is contrary to why Jesus came to this world. We may be sinners in the past. However, the moment we gain redemption and deal with Sin consciousness, our soul is free of condemnation. She is no more separate from God. She can stand boldly in the presence of God without feeling ashamed. Redemption afforded us to become the sons and daughters of God after the image of His firstborn, Jesus Christ. Though we didn’t earn it, we’re Sinless in the eyes of God. Of course, the confusion by many Christians who still feel sinners is that they wrongly assume that they have to regain their redemption every time they commit ‘sin’.

The Sin that separated us from God was disobedience. Jesus came to address that generational Sin no one had able to address. We don’t need redemption, again and again, every time we commit sin, when we become short of our target. We confess our sin and move on until we become perfect like God, which Jesus commanded us: ‘Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect’. The greatness we at AHM talking about is the greatness journey we all should take which ends with our soul becoming one with God. We’re not promoting the ego based popularity according to our possession, fame, and so on.

Another wrong assumption is that the belief that we’re still fallen creations. That is wrong after the advent of the last Adam, Jesus. The first Adam fell from grace and took all of us down with him but the last Adam came and took us back to our former glory, greatness. What is left is our commitment to continue our journey from redemption to restoration, and ultimately reformation until we become one with God. We’re not fallen beings any more, we are the images of God meant to manifest His greatness while alive and on this planet, not someday when we get to heaven.

Of course, this journey to become one with God doesn’t appeal to our flesh nor brain where the ego resides. The greatness journey only appeals to our eternal soul. We cannot become anything significant, let alone to be great, by engaging our ego and brain- mere matter. These don’t matter. Ego is selfish and preoccupied with survival. The greatness journey we at AHM calling each and every one of you requires us to recognize our other two parts: mind and spirit. We’re not just flesh, bone, ligaments, and blood alone. We need these to stay in the physical world by obeying physical laws such as gravity. The body including the brain, are temporary, and its job is hosting the real deals- mind, spirit, and soul.

The greatness journey this ministry is advocating and inviting you cannot be started, let alone be finished successfully, without the Kingdom of God and the Holy Spirit in you. We cannot, by our body and brain slone, do anything without God, the Father within. Even Jesus needed to finish His greatness journey that ended Him becoming one with the Father, with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. He said, again and again, I cannot do anything by myself. The Father in me is doing the work.

This is our hope that you agree with our assumptions and thus join us in this journey to restore the greatness of humanity one person at a time. Begin this journey wherever you may be right now. There is no better days ahead. The day of salivation, redemption, is today.

Stay connected with us as we inspire, equip, and empower you to pass through the three phases that lead you to become one with God while you are still on earth.

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Going beyond the brain to create and innovate

I sometimes meet well-meaning and genuine individuals who attempt to force me to choose between God or science. I refuse because these aren’t mutually exclusive. For them, however, one cannot embrace these two seemingly contradictory ideas (science and spirituality) and at the same time remain authentic ?

Unfortunately, I can’t explain to them how I think and believe well beyond my mere brain. Whenever I share with them something that can’t be seen, touched, and perceived with our sense organs and the brain, they insist that I show them proofs. Or else, they assume that I’m talking about a fairytale or I’m hallucinated ?

Interestingly, many of such individuals use their minds to think and create better than animals do but they deny the existence of the mind itself. Animals don’t have mind and that is why they cannot create and innovate. It takes mind to influence matter (bend matter) to create stuff in this physical universe. Thus, it is hard for me to reduce myself to matter (brain) level to match their arguments.

Sadly, as much as they want me to compromise and come mid-way, they don’t consider the same from their side. They think they have the higher truth. They assume that reality is physical & purely matter-based.

As far as I’m concerned, yes, matter (brain) and mind work together like my computer’s hardware (brain) & software (mind) work together to perform my tasks. I don’t stop there, I also recognize not just the ‘hardware’ and ‘software’ alone but also the mind that brought them forth, and the intention of the spirit that initiated the creation of these ‘hardware’ and ‘software’.

The point is, as much as I would like to compromise and come halfway to use some scientific justifications to back up my claims, we’re losing collectively lots of leverages as human beings when we reduce ourselves to mere matter alone, and our experiences into mere neurons interactions in the physical brain. I wish some of these colleagues would come halfway to meet me ?

For those of you who are willing to come halfway, AHM is here to engage with you. We are open-minded. Will you be?

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Use your God-given mind to glorify God and serve the greater good of humanity

Many pro-Darwinian philosophers and scientists are now beginning to unsubscribe from his materialistic view of how the universe and life came to being. His theory, though had some merits in terms of how evolution is one of the grand transcendent laws, it is inadequate to explain how a finely tuned universe came to existence without guided intelligence behind it. These scientists begin to doubt Darwin’s theory because it is unable to account for the existence of the mind and consciousness, which we all know exist though we can’t explain them scientifically.

I’m certain that like religion once bowed down and accepted the earth revolves around the sun after science provided ample evidence, there will come a time spiritual scientists who acknowledge mind, consciousness, and the Creator of these, could be able to tap into the wisdom that isn’t available at matter or brain level- materialistic level- to explain the mind, consciously, and God in such a way that even materialistic scientists, even if they may not believe in God at all, will bow down to the existence of non-form universes beyond this physical universe where mind and consciousness operate.

There may even come a time in the future scientists may believe in miracles. The latter isn’t magic. Miracles can be explained though we don’t yet have scientific models to do so. For now, let’s consider miracles as the products of mind/consciousness overriding the physical laws.

The time will come where spiritual scientists (who knows you could be one of such future scientists) could be able to provide humanity ‘miracles’ powerful than what natural science has been offering by just following only the physical laws and depending on materialistic processes.

If you’ve got a scientific mind, don’t leash it. Using your mind to investigate and bring forth discoveries that explain the laws God used to create and sustain this universe isn’t against God. He gave you your mind, He then won’t punish you for using it ?You can still believe in mind, consciousness, tap into the quantum and spiritual universes that are outside of the detection of our physical sense to advance your scientific discoveries. Especially if that is your call and burden. Science and spirituality aren’t mutually exclusive.

AHM is here to serve spiritual seekers like yourself. We would like to empower you to use your God-given mind for the glory of God and the greater good of humanity. Remain connected on social media. More resources are on the way in this regard.

If you’re interested to hear more of such insights, and how to develop some of the skills necessary to use the insights, invite Dr. Assegid to your Church/Ministry.

In the future, he will be publishing books and offering programs tailored for Christians. If you would like to learn more about how he may serve your mission and team, reach out at [email protected]

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