You’re the Right Person at the Right Time

Everything in this universe has a purpose

Even those things we consider non-living play important roles for this universe to stay life-sustaining.

If we don’t know yet the purpose of a thing doesn’t mean it doesn’t have one.

If you haven’t yet discovered your purpose doesn’t mean you don’t have one.

Relevance comes from purpose

Every matter contains a part of the metaphysical universe within it. That is why everything in this physical universe obeys the physical laws, which reside outside of the physical universe.

Because they don’t have will like we do, they play out their purpose and stay relevant.

Our relevance is determined by our purpose. Since we have a will, however, we can refuse to play. But, there is a price we pay for disobedience- irrelevance.

When you fail to discover or neglect your purpose, you’re rendering yourself irrelevant.

You’ve emerged from eternity to time to join the right generation

You emerged from eternity to time at the right time.

This is the right generation you are supposed to serve using your calling.

As a conscious being, however, you have the right how to respond to the timing.

Answer your call before it expires

You can live casually and as if you are a product of a biological accident without a meaningful purpose.

Or, you can step up and take responsibility to discover and pursue your grand purpose greater than yourself.

You are not here to merely survive and get by. You’re the image of God- the chief Creator. Like begets like. You too. You came here to create (recreate) based on your CALLING.

You’re here to better the lives of others and to contribute your fair share in advancing the evolutionary progress of humanity one step forward.

The whole of humanity desperately waits for your response, we need your talent and gifting.

Don’t let time pass without you doing something about your purpose.

Of course, I’m not naive to think that the world is organized and structured to allow you to pursue your purpose (passion) with ease. However, others discovered, pursued, and fulfilled their purposes even if they found themselves in more difficult circumstances. You too, with the help of God, can join that elite group of humanity.

Seize the time and avoid regrets later. Respond to your call, if you’ve not yet…

Timing is key to your fulfillment. There will come a time when it would be too late. Redeem the time while you can…

Jesus emerged from eternity to time at the right time

Jesus came at the right time.

Yes, He would have reached more people if He had come now given the technological advancement we achieved because we have been evolving mentally. However, He would have had a hard time achieving His purpose if He had come later.

For starters, the Father and Holy Spirit wouldn’t find the right conditions for the coming of the Son.

He would have also risked a lot and would have found the system hard to beat.

Just think about this. In this TikTok era, could His mom refrain from Tiktoking and protect the Child from the watchful eyes of Herod?

Would today’s shepherds with cellphones sing with Angels and keep it for themselves without spooking Herod?

What about the Wise men? Could they keep their mouth shut? Wouldn’t they naturally share their itinerary on social media?

Jesus would have been killed by Herod while a baby or persecuted deep into Egypt by Herod’s political machinery.

Are you having a hobby or a grand purpose?

You and I are not Jesus and we don’t need to worry about ‘Herod’. Our purpose may not require us to be crucified on a cross and publicly. But, if we have discovered a worthy purpose, it automatically entails a serious and unwavering commitment.

The question is whether we’re ready to pay our dues to pursue and fulfill our purpose.

Of course, for some of us, that price could be just working hard, which may require staying late and getting up early.

For some of us, it could be the willingness to look foolish and even crazy, putting our reputation on the line, and so on.

What price has your purpose cost you so far? Whatever price you have paid so far, remember this. If you already found your true purpose, which determines your fulfillment, you won’t hesitate to die for it, if it comes to that.

If you’re not ready to die for your God-given purpose, you haven’t found it. Even if you think you found it. it is just a hobby and doesn’t lead you to fulfillment.

This is the time to find and pursue your purpose… Before it is too late. Before it expires… Before it becomes too late…

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Fruitfulness Through Faithfulness

Why should you be faithful toward what matters the most

What do you value the most? We all have some things that we value the most compared to other things though these things differ from person to person.

Are you enjoying fruitfulness in the areas that matter the most? Your answer could be YES or NO or NOT SURE. Depending on your answers, there is a universal law you honored or ignored or neglected- FAITHFULNESS…

This law works in every culture, generation, industry, and field. You cannot escape or get an exemption from any authority… No shortcut! If you desire to enjoy fruitfulness, abide by the principle of faithfulness.

If anyone tells you that they became successful and enjoyed undeniable results without paying their dues in the form of FAITHFULNESS, don’t believe them! They are either lying or don’t understand or fail to recognize the very principle that enabled them to succeed.

We cannot be successful and enjoy undeniable results, whoever we’re and wherever we invest ourselves seriously, without undying commitment.

Your FAITHFULNESS to God (your family, church, ministry, organization, or business) highly determines your FRUITFULNESS…

Here is the PROBLEM: We all think- at least in our own very eyes, we’re faithful!

There is no litmus paper to test one’s faithfulness. You cannot see, touch, or measure FAITHFULNESS.

You may ask: Mr. Restorer, how can I know whether I’m or someone is faithful?

I’m glad you asked. Look for the fruits in you or others…

Speaking of False Prophets, Jesus said: “By their fruit you will recognize them.” (Mathew 7: 16) You cannot open their hearts or read their minds to tell who is who. You can only look for their behaviors, decisions, actions, and ultimately, the fruits they bear…

Faithfulness is a cause. Even if you don’t see it, it manifests on the outside in the form of fruits if it is there. Do you have faithfulness to what matters the most? From 1 to 10, one being zero commitment and 10 being ultra committed, all-in, and faithful till death, how do you scale your faithfulness?

Let me make it practical. Right now, if you haven’t yet manifested the FRUITS you have been looking for, don’t wander around to find a solution out there. It is straightforward. You just lack faithfulness.

Wishful thinking alone doesn’t cut it. Prayer, fasting, and other spiritual exercises alone cannot give you fruitfulness.

There is a human part you have to play. You have to roll your sleeves and do some tangible, earthly, and physical things to demonstrate your faithfulness if your desire is to reap the benefits of your undying commitment.

The higher RISK you’re willing to take, the higher your FAITHFULNESS. The higher your faithfulness, the higher your FRUITFULNESS, and vice versa…

As far as you aren’t willing to sow the seed of tangible commitment TODAY, there is no soil that can produce FRUITFULNESS that can be seen and harvested TOMORROW…

Hope you got the answer to the question in the beginning: Why should you be faithful toward what matters the most? This is because you cannot be FRUITFUL and achieve undeniable success, become world-class in what you do, and be great in your own unique ways unless you demonstrate unwavering commitment and FAITHFULNESS to your CAUSE, whatever that may be for you.

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Our teachings are designed to enable you to be salt and light.

We’re not religious. We don’t serve such individuals, they have many places to get religious services.

We’re spiritual and only empower those who are spiritual. Those who are in the real world, those who would like to be change agents and leaders in their communities, organizations, and marketplaces…

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Happy Birthday to Jesus!

All religions I know offer a remedy to deal with sin. The difference is the pathway (s) they suggest on how to get rid of sin consciousness.

Coming from a Judeo-Christian background, I’ve heard about intergenerational sin that was committed by the First Family (Adam and Eve) more than any other subject since childhood– before I was even born.

You may be wondering and asking why I had been familiar with intergenerational sin ‘before I was even born’– while still in the womb.

I won’t divulge the science behind it for the moment…

For now, just know that you and I didn’t just inherit the hardcore genetic materials of our ancestors such as their color, body structure, facial appearance, and so on. We also got their psyche, what they feared, their tempers, sin-consciousness, and so on.

Have you heard people saying: “You’re just like your grandpa”? Or “You sound like grandma”? Or “You’re stubborn like your father or a drunkard or reckless like your…”?

The point is, sin (both inter-generational and contemporary) resides at a deeper level, in some cases, without our conscious awareness.

Sin consciousness is one of the most powerful jailers of our soul. If you don’t recognize it, bring it from the subconscious to the conscious, and know how to deal with it, it:

  • Eats you up alive,
  • Limits your freedom,
  • Makes you lower your bar,
  • Keeps you in the dark,
  • Robs you joy,
  • Curtails your potential, and
  • Restrains you from being contented and getting fulfilled in life…

I don’t want to preach to you on an Eastern Christmas morning.

This is my hope that you already know how to deal with intergenerational and contemporary sins by following the advice of your priest, pastor, rabbi, etc.

This morning I was reflecting and reminding myself how hard it was for my ancestors to get rid of sin consciousness before the birth of Jesus.

Unlike our ancestors before His birth, we needed to deal with intergenerational sin by believing in His substitutive work!

Our ancestors needed a sacrificial lamb constantly to escape death and get rid of sin. They were helpless and desperate. They were in prison and under the spell of the kingdom of darkness.

Lucky for us, Jesus was born and finally became that sacrificial lamb for all of us. Because of His advent, we were set free from the kingdom of the devil to the Kingdom of Light, where the Son of God is the King!

Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 5:7, “Christ, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed.”

Peter also wrote in 1 Peter 1:18-19: “For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your ancestors, but with the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect.”

That is why we rejoice in His birth and reaffirm to ourselves our freedom each time we celebrate Christmas. We’re indeed free of any form of sin. We entered the Spiritual universe. Now, we live free of guilt in the light while away from HOME until we finish our soul’s assignment on earth and in this physical universe.

Unless someone prefers to deal with sin alone, an easy and effortless option is available to anyone still struggling with guilt consciousness.

Because Jesus was born and became the sacrificial lamb, no one should live with guilt and the rulership of the devil and its kingdom of darkness…

As I said from the outset, I’m not here preaching and trying to win anyone to any religion.

Every religion I know has a way of dealing with both intergenerational and contemporary sins.

You choose whatever works for you. But you MUST deal with guilt consciousness if you desire to be free from the heavy burden of sin.

I’m here to share how hard it was for my ancestors who were born before the advent of Jesus. And how I’m grateful for the extraordinary redemption package our Judeo-Christian tradition offers. It only takes less than the speed of light to translate yourself from the rulership of the devil to the rulership of Christ and from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light. You just need to believe in your heart and confess it in your mouth. It is that simple!

Thank you, Father, for helping us deal with sin-consciousness our forefather (the first Adam) could not beat by sending Your Son (the last Adam) to the physical world wearing our body and in our likeness… 

We’re eternally grateful to Jesus- our Lord, Big Brother, and Savior who was obedient to the intergenerational assignment He was given and endured death on the cross to FREE all of us from the unbearable sin consciousness that jails our souls.

Now, we can transcend time and space to enter the spiritual without the feeling of condemnation. We freely stand before the Father’s throne as sinless children of the Most High.

We’re privileged today to enjoy such a level of freedom regardless of our imperfections and stumbling not because of our righteousness or hard work but because Jesus was born. Since He willingly became the sacrificial lamb knowing that no one from the children of the first Adam ever is able to take on this assignment. Many saints tried to fulfill this task but were unable to finish it with full obedience the way He did! We’d still be like our forefathers and mothers in the dark and the rulership of the devil…

More than the generation before your birth, we’re NOW sure where we stand in the Kingdom and where we’re heading…

These wouldn’t have happened without Your birth. Happy Birthday to you, Jesus, our King, and Lord!

Happy Christmas to you all who celebrate Easter Christmas!

Guilt-Consciousness Free Living

How to instantly wipe out sin-consciousness faster than the speed of light without much effort and suffering

Sin has been haunting humanity since the beginning of our history. And still does…

Sin was and still is man-made. It comes in the way of stealing our freedom and peace of mind, separating us from God, and interfering with our spiritual evolution.

You may ask, how did sin enter our history?

There are many theories out there…

The most plausible theory, at least for me, is Adam allowed it.

You may ask, “How come?” Hear me out…

The first man was created after the image of God and endowed with divinity. Adam had free will as a divine being, and whatever he believed came to pass. Unfortunately, he felt guilt, condemned himself, and separated from his source- God, from the get-go.

There was nothing God could have done without Adam’s willingness to forgive himself.

As a result, guilt consciousness is imprinted in his psyche (wired in his brain). Since then, sin consciousness has been transmitted from generation to generation.

You may wonder, “How does it work?” Simple, we humans receive not just the hard-core genetic blueprints from our ancestors that determine our physical appearances; we also inherit their epigenetics.

“I don’t get it, AZ; Speak in English!” Let me make it figurative. Not only do you have your grandpa’s (grandma’s) nose on your face, but you also inherited his/her guilts, fears, temper, and so on deep in your inner being.

One cannot enjoy true freedom and live in the light and eternity without dealing with sin-consciousness.

Guilt consciousness is a disease of a soul. It has no medication. Anything you do in the physical and metaphysical can’t deal with it permanently. The lasting solution resides in the spiritual.

That is why we don’t go to the hospital when our soul is inflicted with guilt-consciousness. We look for spiritual solutions. Of course, some go to a psychiatrist for a temporary and superficial fix…

And almost all religions PROMISE a remedy to their adherents and offer some approaches to dealing with guilt consciousness.

I respect all religions because they contribute toward relieving many of the physical, material, mental, and spiritual pains of humanity.

But one thing that separates Christianity from other faith traditions is that it offers too good to be true solution for the inter-generational guilt consciousness.

Its founder, Jesus, is the only one who gave His life as a ransom to all (1 Timothy 2: 6).

Of course, some people don’t seek spiritual solutions to deal with guilt consciousness. I admire their gut and courage. They take matters into their own hands either to live with it or deal with it by punishing themselves, working hard to earn righteousness, visiting a shrink, and/or doing other laborious things to earn their own salvation.

I cannot be sure, but I doubt if anyone ever conquered sin alone by dealing at a matter level, by doing stuff. ‘Matter’ cannot override ‘spirit’…

  1. Let’s say there are superhumans who overridden their brain and genetic wirings and ultimately got rid of intergenerational sin through some physical efforts and engaging in metaphysical practices such as meditation.
  2. Let’s also assume that they stopped sinning in the NOW by making so many tedious efforts.
  3. Even then, the question is: Can they stay sinless for the rest of their lives by making efforts at the physical and mental levels?

Remember what James 2: 10 said: “For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it.”

That is how we are wired. One little transgression can return us to bondage. We condemn ourselves, and we go back to ground zero losing our freedom, peace of mind, confidence, certainty, and most importantly, our fellowship with our God- our source until we deal with guilt once again.

The sad truth is that not only we’re dealing with what our ancestors believed were sins but also what the religion and culture we live in believe are sins. If you ask me, there is no escape from sin-consciousness if you depend on your own ability to conquer it. You keep on sinning falling short of meeting the standards put in place by your brain wiring, religion, and culture…

Here is the reality: If there is any residual guilt- consciously or unconsciously, no one can enjoy true freedom. No one stands boldly in the presence of the PERFECT God as a son or a daughter and continues to fellowship with Him.

Most importantly, it is unthinkable to continue evolving spiritually to become one with God without first dealing with sin that creates a gulf between us and our source.

The good news is that you don’t need to:

  • Deal with both the sin-consciousness you inherited and what you have committed by yourself
  • Suffer anymore, penalize yourself, and attempt to work it out alone.

It is too much of a burden to bear by one man/woman…

In this troubled world, you already have so many challenges and pressures you must deal with. Let this ONE be handled with ease and by taking a spiritual step forward based on faith.

Here is what Jesus, who knew how burdensome sin is, said: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11: 28-30

You just need to believe in the substitutive redemption work of someone who had already beat sin once and for all.

By the way, God wasn’t a stranger to how man was wired. From the start, He knew the authority of humanity and how that could destroy us.

The Father knew very well and in advance that there was a possibility of Adam stumbling and condemning himself. Even if the first man could get over it and knew how to deal with sin and get back to the Father- the Source, down the road, someone from his descendants will find himself/herself feeling guilt, unable to beat it, and separate from God. That was why He had a backup plan in the form of Jesus.

The way Jesus emerged from eternity to time and took flesh didn’t involve the transfer of intergenerational sin from Adam. His brain prewiring in the womb was free from the influence of Adam’s guilt. What is more? He never committed sin. Thus, He never had sin-consciousness and never separated from the Father.

How do I know? At one point, He asked, “Who among you is convicting me of sin?” (John 8: 46)

Because he was sinless and free of guilt, He offered Himself as a ransom. As a result, anyone who believes in His redemptive work can now wipe out sin as if it never happened.

Here is what Paul wrote: “For just as through the disobedience of the one man the many were made sinners, so also through the obedience of the one man the many will be made righteous.” (Romans 5: 19) One can feel guilt in an instant while also can set himself/herself free of it more than a speed of light. The transformation occurs in the spiritual realm.

Jesus was a love offering from the Father who knows our weaknesses and how we can become helpless even if He gave us all the power to beat sin and do great things. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” (John 3: 17)

Let me ask you. Regardless of how you did it and your religious affiliation:

  1. Are you free of guilt consciousness?
  2. Are you certain that sin doesn’t hold you back?
  3. Do you have fellowship with God on a regular basis?

If you said yes, well, you’re free of sin-consciousness. Congrats!

But if you have any doubt, no worries, you can instantly wipe out sin-consciousness faster than the speed of light.

You don’t want to deal with this brutal burden by yourself alone.

Regardless of how heavily the burden of sin is holding you back for so long, the moment you believe in the substitutive redemptive work of Jesus (not your own work and imperfections), there will be a quick spiritual transaction that facilitates an instant shift from:

  • Bondage to freedom
  • ‘Darkness’ to ‘light’
  • The lordship of the devil (the ruler of darkness) to the lordship of Jesus (the lord of the Kingdom of light)

P.S. Details on this topic will be included in my upcoming spiritual book. Stay tuned! In the meantime, share your thoughts and your transformation experience. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment area. If you have a team and would like to invest in your team members’ spiritual awakening, click here and check out the Spiritual Development programs of our partnering organization.

Manifesting Your Intentions

How to Experience a Quantum Leap in Your Spiritual Journey even if You’re not a Guru

It’s unfortunate that many people complicate spirituality…

Spirituality isn’t that complex if you know one thing- how to transcend the physical and metaphysical universes at will with a little knowledge and practice.

I’m not talking about you translating and entering into the spiritual universe with your body intact (like Jesus did on the mountaintop when He was chatting with Moses and Elijah). No! I’m talking about while your body is in the physical and your mind in the metaphysical, your soul is taking over and fully awakening in the spiritual world while your body and mind stay in the background as if they are ‘dead’.

If you ask me, what is complex and hard is when you only operate in the physical universe alone. You don’t have a lot of control. You won’t get divine and spiritual support. Things move slowly- 60 minutes per hour… You have to wait, wait, wait before you see what you want to translate into reality…

When you operate in the physical universe alone, you’re under the mercy of time and space. Things happen according to natural laws and abiding by their seasons.

That is not the case when you operate in the metaphysical universe. You can override space and time, and seasons are non-existence… Things happen quantumly without obeying physical laws…

The only challenge to operating in the metaphysical world and accelerating the manifestation of your desire is your ability to transcend the physical universe by lowering your brain wavelength as you pray and meditate. Once you’re there, your body ‘disappears’. The Newtonian universe ‘dissolves’, and Einstein’s quantum universe emerges.

You imagine and manifest your desires defiling all physical laws and logic.

Now, what about when you transcend both the physical and metaphysical universes and enter into the spiritual universe? What happens? Miracle happens…

When you are in your soul’s native environment, you just need an INTENTION to manifest your desires.

Can you see the difference?

  • If you’re only operating in the physical universe alone- the space native to your BODY- it’s too much hard work and takes tons of time to manifest what you desire…
  • If you operate in the native universe for your MIND alone- the quantum universe, you’re better off. But still…
  • But when you operate in the spiritual universe, what you just need is INTENTION backed with LOVE and FAITH, the rest is not your responsibility. Your intentions invoke the full participation of the spiritual kingdom.

The question to all of us is ‘Do we have the know-how and faith to transcend the physical and metaphysical universe to translate our intention into manifestations?’

Is it easy? Nope. Otherwise, everybody would have done it and we would have a different and perfect world by NOW.

However, we shouldn’t wait till we become gurus. Worst, we shouldn’t wait until we die physically. This capability to transcend into the spiritual is our inheritance. Don’t forget that “We’re not human beings having a spiritual experience. We’re spiritual beings having a human experience.”

We should be in and out of eternity more frequently because “Eternity doesn’t start with death. We’re in eternity NOW.”

Begin that journey to manifest your intentions as frequently as possible by learning how to transcend the physical and metaphysical universes, and operating in your soul’s native environment…

Of course, as Jesus said, “The truth sets you free.” What truth do you need to set you free and enjoy the spiritual inheritance that entitles you to manifest your intentions as a child of God?

Stay tuned! I’ll share more on this in the coming weeks and months…

In the meantime, share your thoughts and experience. Feel free also to ask if you may have any questions in the comment area.

We empower you to excel in what you do while growing toward spiritual mastery

There is nothing more devastating than knowing the truth and failing to abide by it. Jesus said that the very word I’ve spoken will be your judge. Paul also stressed that it would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness. Many already know what they should have known to succeed in their spiritual life. What is lacking is the competencies to translate the knowing into practical actions.
There is also nothing more tormenting than getting awakened (born again) and stopping from rehabilitating (restoring) your soul. There is also nothing more agonizing than stagnating in one’s spiritual journey and feeling unfulfilled and stuck, not knowing the next steps to evolve and ultimately attain spiritual mastery.

It is one thing to redeem one’s soul, it is totally different restoring it, and continuously reforming it till it evolves to become one with God.

If one or more of these describes you, you have come to the right place. We are here to empower you so that you pass through the three most important spiritual stages that ultimately lead you to spiritual mastery.

We aren’t your typical ministry. We don’t teach you religion nor convert you from one religion to another. We aren’t here to mediate between you and God. We’re empowering you to communicate and relate with God yourself directly.

We’re not here attempting to make you a religious fanatic too. We’re very cognizant of the fact that you live in the physical and metaphysical worlds too. You need to keep the balance and grow holistically. Unless you’re called, you don’t need to be a priest, a pastor, or a guru to be spiritual and attain spiritual mastery.

What is more? We don’t believe spirituality and science are mutually exclusive. We integrate the insights one gets from spirituality with the latest discoveries in some important science fields such as medicine, neuroplasticity, epigenetics, and more. That way, not only do we equip you to grow spiritually but also to excel in what you do, to be light and salt wherever you live, work, and do business.

We are very practical where we don’t just preach you to death. We offer practical tools, strategies, and tactics that will empower you not only to advance in your spiritual growth but also to be successful on earth as you pursue your purpose toward fulfillment.

To learn more about our ministry, how you may get involved as our partner, and for questions reach out via [email protected]

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Trust God, and enjoy the ride!

You can’t effectively communicate and convenience why you’re taking your cat to the veterinary clinic.

She hates when it is time to visit the vet. She resists and hides. She may even revolt not knowing it is in her best interest.

She hates needles. She doesn’t like pain. She thinks you’re taking her to the veterinarian to harm her. She may even think that you don’t care. She may even contemplate that you must be a psychopath who enjoys others’ pain 🙂

What a journey it would have been for her if she knew it was in her best interest. She cannot wait for each visit. She enjoys each trip. She would have played on the way to the clinic. She would have appreciated her owner and returned the favor.

Trust God! He has your best interest.

Walk with Him with the right attitude even if you don’t like the journey you’re now taking. Even if it is uncomfortable and painful, why not enjoy the ride, and be thankful?!

Why don’t you believe in your heart that there must be something good at the end of the tough journey you’re now taking…

#TrustGod #GodIsTrustworthy #GodHasYourBestInterest #TakeThatJourney #BeHappyWhereYouAreInLife #TheBestIsYetToCome #Rejoice #EnjoyTheRide

Everything has portals to listen to higher beings like us, they obey us…

Everything in this universe (every matter) including non-living things has a ‘mind’. Their electrons and quarks have portals to listen and obey physical, quantum, and spiritual laws. They listen and obey higher beings that operate in the universal mind and in the spiritual world.

Jesus knew this and that was why He was talking to the fig tree, storm, bread, and alive and dead fishes. He walked on the water, healed dead body parts, and raised the dead. These things that were supposed to be deaf had ‘ears’ to listen to a higher being. They obeyed Him!

It is the law, matter obeys mind; mind obeys spirit. We’re conscious beings at the core, we are spirits. We have the authority & ability to ‘talk’ to things and they obey us if we believe.

Let’s be real! Lots of people didn’t get this far to read my blog. They think I lost my mind. Many of you who got this far, deep inside there is a confirmation but your conscious mind is struggling to believe what I just wrote.

Some of you believe it is true but you don’t deserve it. You may be thinking, consciously or unconsciously, this is reserved only for deities and some exceptional saints. You don’t feel that the Kingdom of God is in you. You don’t know that you share the glory of God. You don’t believe that He made you in His image. You don’t believe what Jesus said, ‘you can do these things I’m doing and greater than these’. As a result, you don’t ‘talk’ to things (your problems, circumstances, needs, etc.) except for humans and animals (not all but at least your dogs and cats).

Of course, knowledge doesn’t translate into doing until someone owns it. Everyone that heard and saw what Jesus was doing was unable to practice as He did. However, we have heard and seen many after Him who did own the truths were able to do great things…

Some of you, not only you don’t believe yourself, if you see someone close attempting this, you may take them to a psychiatrist 🙂 You may think they must be insane. I fully understand that 🙂

But, some of you may already know and believe this truth and a few of you might have even practiced it. You spoke to your cancer and it vanished. You prayed and witnessed your desperate needs are met miraculously. You were meditating and all of a sudden your dead hope arose out of nowhere and you began living your dream life. The list continues.

If this principle (everything obeys conscious and spirit beings like us) is working all the time for you, well, you don’t need this writing. Go out there and continue to shine, and empower others to do the same. Hey, reach out and we would like to hear about your experience…

If you, however, struggle with why you haven’t succeeded all the time, the truth of the matter is that knowing is one thing, owning a truth is another. Until we own a truth that we have come in contact with, we cannot use it as we wish. It doesn’t yet work all the time.

Otherwise, we conscious and spirit beings have the nature to interact with everything in this universe and beyond since the latter have portals that listen to higher beings like us. More writings on this. Stay tuned…

Let’s keep growing spiritually to own our truths and benefit ourselves and others with the knowing.
The world is in desperate need of your full manifestation! Time to be ‘human’. Time to be who you are supposed to be. Time to manifest the greatness of God within!

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Darwin only saw a glimpse of the law of evolution, let’s continue to evolve beyond the physical…

Charles Darwin caught a glimpse of one of the most important processes (laws) that govern life, evolution. It had been in plain sight since the beginning of time and space but no one caught it until Darwin did. Of course, there are many who still refuse to acknowledge evolution partly because Darwin and his proponents took evolution too far as if it is the cause of life and the universe itself. It’s just a law invented and placed by a higher intelligent being. You can call the latter God or whatever name you prefer.

Note that because of the evolutionary phase (mainly physical) humanity had been prior and during Darwin’s time, he could only capture the physical manifestations of evolution. However, we’ve been evolving since then beyond the physical- mentally and a little bit spiritually, that many scientists went farther than what Darwin could. As a result, they began to realize that there is another non-physical universe that has its own non-physical laws, quantum laws. Of course, there are still some who camped around Darwin’s initial theory and refused to open their eyes and see the full scope of evolution beyond the physical.

Likewise, as it was during Darwin’s days, some scientists would like to settle with the glimpse they have about the extent to which evolution involves both the physical and metaphysical universes. Who blames them?! Our collective consciousness hasn’t yet evolved as it is supposed to be (we’re too slow) to fully capture the complete scope of evolution.

Nonetheless, we began to realize that evolution is supreme beyond the physical and metaphysical universes. It’s an exciting time to be alive. We’ve come a long way, thanks to ‘evolution’. Other beings aren’t endowed as we did to evolve mentally and spiritually. Since we’re conscious beings at our core, we have unlimited potential to the extent of becoming one with God. Will we get there in this generation? I doubt. Will we be there in our collective evolution in 100, 1000, 10, 000 years, or a million years? I don’t know… I can’t be sure. What I know is that we’ve come a long way, and we’re not yet done, even if many in this generation might have given up on humanity! I’m not and you shouldn’t too…

Let’s continue to evolve in our mind and spirit to capture not just the law of evolution but many more supreme laws which we haven’t discovered yet to take humanity and its collective consciousness to the next height. Let’s play our parts toward this exciting journey of our race. Let’s give a better world and civilization to the next generation. If we do so, they will take it from there and advance on the spectrum of evolution not just in the physical and metaphysical but also in the spiritual realm.

If you’re up to this challenge, why don’t you join us and let’s work together to create a movement that contributes toward the evolution of our collective consciousness? Reach out and we’d love to hear your thoughts and how you would like to involve.

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AHM is committed to Your Holistic Spiritual Development

We at AHM believe that we humans have four distinct parts with different nature and assignments:

  1. body,
  2. mind,
  3. soul, and
  4. spirit.

As a result, our Ministry is committed to helping you grow holistically in all four parts of your being:

  • The body hosts our soul in this physical universe hostile to spirits. For the soul to obey the physical laws and remain in this world, she needs a temporary host/temple. Therefore, we need to norish and maintain it properly. That means, we’ve to eat right and excercise regularly. We cannot leave the health of our body to others, even to our doctors. We have to be in charge and become knowledgeable concering how our body works and what it needs to remain energetic and vibrant. We should also be mindfull of what hurts and destroys our temple. We at AHM, though a spiritual organization, we advocate taking care of our body. We go further and teach you enough to take care of your body so that it keeps going and fulfill its support functions successfully until our soul evolves and finishes her assignment on earth. That cannot happen with a weak and sick body. Such a body not only drags and slows the soul, it phases out prematurely before the soul finihses her earthly assignment. We need a quickened and healthy body until we get fulfilled in life and become one with God on earth. Know that the healthier we become in our mind and spirit, the more vibrant and healthier our body gets, and vice versa.
  • The mind offers a quantum space for us to tap into the metaphysical/quantum universe through imagination and visioning. Unlike other beings, we can create things that don’t exist in the physical world using resources in the quantum universe whih is filled with unlimited potential to provide us (through imagination and visioning) to envision, mold, and finally birth whatever we see in our mind and committed to bring forth into reality. This, however, requires renewing our mind to align with our true identity and our ability to create like our Source who bought this physical universe into existing from out of no where. Unless we restore our mind and feed it properly and with the right mental foods, we cannot restore ourselves back to our former glory, the glory we share with God- like begets like. Though the soul knows this, our mind must capture this and communicate to the body. Otherwise, the soul knows from the glory which she came to this world when she emerged from God and eternity to enter into space and time using our phsyical body (the microscopic zygote). We at AHM, we empower you to renew your mind and sharpen your envisioning skills.
  • The soul is the real deal. She is the true identity of a person. She shares glory with God and meant to evolve and become one with God. We are here on earth mainly for this purpose, to mature our god like identity by evolving to become one with God as our soul evolve, pursue her assignment on earth, and get fulfilled. For the soul to pursue her assignment and get fulfilled, nonetheless, our body, spirit, and mind need to support her in the physical and quantum universes. We at AHM teach you how to align your other parts with the soul. This in turn allows the soul to advance in pursuing her mandate and finally align with the will of God and become one with God, return back and united with God. As she emerged from God when you were born, she will go back evolved by becoming one with God to unite and continue to exist in the next phase of her journey while maintaining her unique identity as YOU.
  • The spirit, like the mind, provides us a spiritual portal to tap into the spiritual universe through faith, prayer, and meditation. We need to keep reforming and growing spiritually. We had a seed of God’s spirit within. As a seed, it is limitless. Nonetheless, we need to nurture it and keep reform ourselves spiritually. We at AHM equip you to develop and finetune your spiritual competencies.

To help you grow holistically and develop your spiritual growth, we at AHM will:

  • Publish books,
  • Produce in person, virtual, video, and audio programs, and
  • Arrange events to empower you grow in all aspects of your life so that you could claim your inherent greatness, and ultimately become one with God by passing through the three stages of spiritual development: Redemption, Restoration, and Reformation.

Reach out if you may have any questions or need further explanations at [email protected]