AHM is committed to Your Holistic Spiritual Development

We at AHM believe that we humans have four distinct parts with different nature and assignments:

  1. body,
  2. mind,
  3. soul, and
  4. spirit.

As a result, our Ministry is committed to helping you grow holistically in all four parts of your being:

  • The body hosts our soul in this physical universe hostile to spirits. For the soul to obey the physical laws and remain in this world, she needs a temporary host/temple. Therefore, we need to norish and maintain it properly. That means, we’ve to eat right and excercise regularly. We cannot leave the health of our body to others, even to our doctors. We have to be in charge and become knowledgeable concering how our body works and what it needs to remain energetic and vibrant. We should also be mindfull of what hurts and destroys our temple. We at AHM, though a spiritual organization, we advocate taking care of our body. We go further and teach you enough to take care of your body so that it keeps going and fulfill its support functions successfully until our soul evolves and finishes her assignment on earth. That cannot happen with a weak and sick body. Such a body not only drags and slows the soul, it phases out prematurely before the soul finihses her earthly assignment. We need a quickened and healthy body until we get fulfilled in life and become one with God on earth. Know that the healthier we become in our mind and spirit, the more vibrant and healthier our body gets, and vice versa.
  • The mind offers a quantum space for us to tap into the metaphysical/quantum universe through imagination and visioning. Unlike other beings, we can create things that don’t exist in the physical world using resources in the quantum universe whih is filled with unlimited potential to provide us (through imagination and visioning) to envision, mold, and finally birth whatever we see in our mind and committed to bring forth into reality. This, however, requires renewing our mind to align with our true identity and our ability to create like our Source who bought this physical universe into existing from out of no where. Unless we restore our mind and feed it properly and with the right mental foods, we cannot restore ourselves back to our former glory, the glory we share with God- like begets like. Though the soul knows this, our mind must capture this and communicate to the body. Otherwise, the soul knows from the glory which she came to this world when she emerged from God and eternity to enter into space and time using our phsyical body (the microscopic zygote). We at AHM, we empower you to renew your mind and sharpen your envisioning skills.
  • The soul is the real deal. She is the true identity of a person. She shares glory with God and meant to evolve and become one with God. We are here on earth mainly for this purpose, to mature our god like identity by evolving to become one with God as our soul evolve, pursue her assignment on earth, and get fulfilled. For the soul to pursue her assignment and get fulfilled, nonetheless, our body, spirit, and mind need to support her in the physical and quantum universes. We at AHM teach you how to align your other parts with the soul. This in turn allows the soul to advance in pursuing her mandate and finally align with the will of God and become one with God, return back and united with God. As she emerged from God when you were born, she will go back evolved by becoming one with God to unite and continue to exist in the next phase of her journey while maintaining her unique identity as YOU.
  • The spirit, like the mind, provides us a spiritual portal to tap into the spiritual universe through faith, prayer, and meditation. We need to keep reforming and growing spiritually. We had a seed of God’s spirit within. As a seed, it is limitless. Nonetheless, we need to nurture it and keep reform ourselves spiritually. We at AHM equip you to develop and finetune your spiritual competencies.

To help you grow holistically and develop your spiritual growth, we at AHM will:

  • Publish books,
  • Produce in person, virtual, video, and audio programs, and
  • Arrange events to empower you grow in all aspects of your life so that you could claim your inherent greatness, and ultimately become one with God by passing through the three stages of spiritual development: Redemption, Restoration, and Reformation.

Reach out if you may have any questions or need further explanations at [email protected]

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