1. Name of the Initiative: Restored to Greatness

2. Background

The greatest movement in the universe hasn’t been the Creation project. Though magnificent and thrilling the act of creation was and still is, the restorative movement the Creator initiated following the fall of Adam is the most amazing and revealing to the very nature of God- forgiving and loving.

Divine went all in to restore His priceless creation, humanity, to its former glory. Adam separated himself from God when he felt guilt. Sin (guilt consciousness) separated him from communing with God on a daily basis, and thus, he lost the Kingdom.

Though the restorative project began right away- following the fall of the first family, it had taken generations. It was concluded when the Son of God (Christ) showed up on earth in the form of man (son of man). Jesus didn’t have any guilt consciousness and was willing to be a substitute to deal with sin and ultimately restore humanity to its former glory.

Jesus not only dealt with sin but He also finished the journey Adam unable to finish. Jesus (the last Adam) came to be a prototype man on how we should get along and live with God, by being obedient. Showing unconditional love, Jesus demonstrated obedience to the Divine, which the first Adam failed to achieve.

By being obedient to the Father, Jesus fulfilled His assignment on earth. He set an example to all of us on how we should restore ourselves into the former glory we lost. The full restoration process- restoring man to its former glory, involves the:

  1. Redemption of the spirit
  2. Restoration (renewal) of the mind
  3. Reformation of the soul. As a Christian passes through this restorative process, she/he will experience the quickening of the body.

Our ministry plays its fair share to contribute toward restoring humanity to its former glory. Our teachings and projects contribute toward these three main stages of the restorative process.

The ministry is non-denominational and trans denominational empowering people regardless of their specific beliefs to experience the restorative process and ultimately be part of this movement as restorers of others.

3. Goal

The main goal of this Initiative is to raise Christians who pass through the three major stages of the restorative process until they restore themselves to greatness (the former glory) and through the process get fulfilled in life and become one with God.

4. Objectives

The Initiative is designed to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • To increase the awareness of Christians and non-Christians alike about the restorative process
  • To inspire Christians to become one with God by passing through the three major stages of the restorative process
  • To equip Christians to develop the mindset it takes to fully regain the former glory Adam lost
  • To raise great Christian business and community leaders who have the necessary business and leadership competencies to serve their respective community, organization, and society and bring true reforms, which will take humanity to the next level of evolution
  • To empower Church and Ministry leaders to serve their people and the communities around them by learning great leadership lessons from Jesus

5.   Programs

As part of the Restored to Greatness initiative, we provide programs that empower your:

  1. Congregation. 30 – 90 minutes teaching for your congregation to take the Restored to Greatness journey: Redemption, Restoration, and Reformation
  2. Professionals. 1 – 3 hours professional development program designed to equip professionals in your Church to become light and salt in the workplace
  3. Entrepreneurs 1 – 3 hours business class crafted to inspire business owners in your Church to provide world-class services in the marketplace
  4. Leaders. 1 – 3 hours leadership program for your leaders and volunteers using Jesus as an exemplary great leader so that they may serve your people and the communities around you with leadership excellence.


  1. Restoring ourselves to our former glory is the foundation. Our true greatness comes when we serve the world based on our calling. The work and marketplaces and our communities are in desperate need of change agents. And, this Initiative aims at raising, together with our Strategic Partners, great ones of the 21st C who restore themselves and raise other restorers using the restorative messages and works of Jesus Christ. Leaders who become lights and salts and bring reforms in their respective communities, organizations, and societies.
  2. Please note that we will closely work with you to design and deliver the right program (s) for your congregation, professionals, entrepreneurs, and/or leaders.

6. Strategic Partnership

We need strategic partners to implement the Initiative and reach as many Christians as possible by providing the above programs. You can become a strategic partner by:

  1. Implementing one or more of the programs of the Initiative within your Church (Ministry)
  2. Sponsoring one or more of the programs to churches or ministries of your choice
  3. Donating financially for us to provide the above programs to Churches and Ministries that cannot afford to implement the Initiative


  • To learn more about the strategic partners we are looking for, you may check the Partnerships page.
  • Whether you are interested to implement the Initiative within your own Church (Ministry) or to sponsor it for another Church or Ministry of your choice, please reach out and we will give you more detail. Send us an email at Use Restored to Greatness Initiative on the subject line.
  • We have already formed a strategic partnership with Success Pathways, LLC (, which participates for free to provide the contents for business and leadership programs. The funding we need to implement the Initiative will only be used to cover logistic expenses, not for the content and delivery. By the way, if you need customized business and leadership programs for your organization and business, feel free to reach out to Team Success Pathways at If you mention that you’re one of our strategic partners, you may get discounts.