Our Values

Silhouettes of Three CrossesThe following are some of the most important values we embrace, respect, and maintain throughout the life’s of this Ministry:

1. Restoration– The Ministry believes that humanity is created for greatness. Our spirit, soul, mind, body need to be restored for us to reclaim our greatness. The Ministry strives to raise restorers who restore themselves first, and restore others.

2. Reformation– It isn’t enough to claim our greatness once, and become restorers. We need to evolve on a consistent basis. Not only our life, our relationships, organizations, communities, and nations need to reform themselves towards perfection and excellence, and the Ministry intends to raise individual change agents who lead reforms, and changes within various industries with the spirit of excellence and wisdom.

3. Respect for the individual- The Ministry values each and every individual regardless of his or her background, color, race, religion, culture, education, and social status. We are committed to diversity and inclusiveness. That diversity is going to be reflected in our leadership, volunteers, and supporters. We value individuals as precious as they are the images of God. In this Ministry, no manipulations, fakes, and games. We deeply believe that each and every one of us has an envious destiny, and the Ministry firmly stands with each person while pursuing their dream in life, and getting fulfilled in the end. We strongly believe that and remain respectful of the fact that all of us are one and came from the same source, God. We are different and that is His divine intention. We have difference in our physical appearance, color, origin, culture, individual calling, passion, and beliefs. However, our true self is spirit and its source is one Spirit. The physical dissimilarity shouldn’t divide and separate us; most of all, it shouldn’t create dissension, hate, and conflict among ourselves.

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4. Relationship– Relationship is the basis for whatever we do in this Ministry. Relationship creates trust to work together as a community that seeks collective fulfillment. The Ministry is committed for genuine relationship. We believe in covenant relationship with people who work, support, and partner with us. We also strongly believe that each individual believer should develop personal relationship with God. We are committed to empower believers to grow spiritually and continually relate, communicate, and fellowship with God not only collectively with us and other believers, but also while they are away from us and while they are in their home, and so on. We also believe in having genuine relationship with people from other denominations and religions. We are non-denominational in its fullest meaning.

5. Responsibility– The Ministry remains responsible to run as an accountable organization. We create an accountable organizational structure, and make sure we are stewards of the resources our partners entrust upon us. We strive to raise responsible, reputable, and reliable citizens who have a high moral standard. We believe that character development is a lifetime journey and needs a continual investment of time, and demands commitment on a daily basis. As much as we expect our partners to become responsible, we admit that no one is perfect. However, that doesn’t mean that we tolerate errors, mistakes, and moral decay. We allow people to take responsibility for their mistakes and failures but we don’t entertain scapegoatism. We encourage people to admit their wrong doings before someone else does, and then work towards correcting the error. We also remain a Responsible-Ministry for our partners. We deal with them responsibly, and with a win-win partnership. We are also responsible to share our obligations towards our communities and nations. We raise responsible citizens who are part of the solution in tackling the challenges the 21st century presents. We aren’t interested in theorizing. We don’t discuss and argue about some Biblical texts until we bleed to death to impress others or proof that we have the truth. No one is the custodian of the whole truth. Our preoccupation is to play our unique role and generational assignment as the Ambassador of Jesus in the real world by serving. We go out each day, knowing that we are responsible to deal with the problems and challenges the world is facing, to serve the world regardless of their backgrounds, choices, and affiliations of our brothers and sisters. We are here for a reason. We are here to represent the Great One, not in theory. We are busy doing and serving than talking and cramming ourselves within the four walls engaging in endless debates and arguments to hair split the Word of God. Our contents, events, and undertakings, at their core, have practical application right here on earth and require our responsibility to implement them to change lives for good.