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Major Achievements:

  • Founder, Assegid Habtewold Min.
  • Founder, PRO Leadership Global
  • CEO, Success Pathways
  • Motivational and Keynote speaker
  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Doctor of Strategic Leadership, Regent University
  • Author, 5 Books
  • Host, Pick Yourself Up TV show
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I. Greatness

As the seed of Abraham, everyone has the seed of greatness within. Unfortunately, very few individuals attained true greatness during their lifetime. These individuals were like everyone else when they began their greatness journey. Based on his recently published books and upcoming books that will be published next year, Assegid talks about:

  1. Myths that may prevent many from claiming their greatness
  2. The five levels of greatness, and which one to pursue
  3. How discovering purpose, envisioning, and embracing certain core values empowered the great ones
  4. How to lead a purpose-oriented, vision-centered, & values-driven lifestyle
  5. Ingredients necessary to attain a fulfilling and lasting greatness
  6. The four grand steps to unchain your greatness
  7. Sabotages that may prevent you from attaining true greatness

II. Soft Skills

Jesus mastered the 12 soft skills incorporated in the 3rd book of Assegid: ‘Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Greatness’. As an experienced workshop facilitator for some government agencies, major corporations, and non-profit organizations, Assegid uses Jesus as a role model to show Christians the importance of the 12 soft skills to succeed both in the secular/temporal, and spiritual worlds. In this speech, Assegid explains:

  • The importance of each soft skill for one’s success
  • Benefits one gains when these soft skills are developed well
  • Assessments to take
  • Tools to use
  • Actions to take these soft skills to the next level, and more.

III. Spiritual Leadership

For Christians, leadership isn’t just an occupation. It plays a vital role in individual and collective fulfillment. Leadership is also a key to advance God’s Kingdom. However, Christian leaders don’t need any kind of leadership. The secular leadership skills are helpful but what Christian leaders need is spiritual leadership. Based on his upcoming book on the same theme, Assegid explains:

  1. The main differences between secular and spiritual leadership
  2. The leadership attributes necessary to succeed as a spiritual leader
  3. The lessons spiritual leaders should take from the role model spiritual leader- Jesus Christ.
  4. The additional lessons spiritual leaders should learn from other secular and spiritual leaders from the Bible.
  5. And more.

IV. Beyond Redemption

Jesus didn’t come to just redeem us. He restored us to our former glory before the fall. Sadly, many Christians are happy with just gaining redemption and going to heaven when they die. However, Jesus- the last Adam didn’t just redeem us from sin and condemnation. He restored us where we were before the first Adam was before fall. Based on his upcoming book on the same theme, Assegid talks about:

  1. The consequences of the fall against humanity and the universe
  2. The critical steps God took and has been taking to redeem and restore humanity to its former glory
  3. The three vital steps we should pass through before we restore ourselves to our former glory before the fall to the fullest
  4. The package under each stage
  5. What to expect while we pass through each stage
  6. And more.

NOTE: On top of keynotes and motivational speeches based on the above themes, Assegid also offers the services below as follow up to his speeches and/or as stand-alone services:

  1. Individual or group coaching,
  2. Seminars to empower your Supervisors and Project Managers,
  3. Workshops on soft skills and leadership development for your team and leaders, and
  4. Consulting to help your church and ministry articulate its mission, vision, discover its core values, impart and align all stakeholders alongside your shared values, craft your strategic plan, and more.

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