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Many pro-Darwinian philosophers and scientists are now beginning to unsubscribe from his materialistic view of how the universe and life came to being. His theory, though had some merits in terms of how evolution is one of the grand transcendent laws, it is inadequate to explain how a finely tuned universe came to existence without guided intelligence behind it. These scientists begin to doubt Darwin’s theory because it is unable to account for the existence of the mind and consciousness, which we all know exist though we can’t explain them scientifically.

I’m certain that like religion once bowed down and accepted the earth revolves around the sun after science provided ample evidence, there will come a time spiritual scientists who acknowledge mind, consciousness, and the Creator of these, could be able to tap into the wisdom that isn’t available at matter or brain level- materialistic level- to explain the mind, consciously, and God in such a way that even materialistic scientists, even if they may not believe in God at all, will bow down to the existence of non-form universes beyond this physical universe where mind and consciousness operate.

There may even come a time in the future scientists may believe in miracles. The latter isn’t magic. Miracles can be explained though we don’t yet have scientific models to do so. For now, let’s consider miracles as the products of mind/consciousness overriding the physical laws.

The time will come where spiritual scientists (who knows you could be one of such future scientists) could be able to provide humanity ‘miracles’ powerful than what natural science has been offering by just following only the physical laws and depending on materialistic processes.

If you’ve got a scientific mind, don’t leash it. Using your mind to investigate and bring forth discoveries that explain the laws God used to create and sustain this universe isn’t against God. He gave you your mind, He then won’t punish you for using it ?You can still believe in mind, consciousness, tap into the quantum and spiritual universes that are outside of the detection of our physical sense to advance your scientific discoveries. Especially if that is your call and burden. Science and spirituality aren’t mutually exclusive.

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