Seek resurrection in the now

Most people wait for the ultimate resurrection missing so many golden opportuntities to experience an equal proportion ressurection within and now.

We shouldn’t expect a dramatic resurrection after we die differently than the one we have had so far. Once we exit this universe, we missed all the God-given opportunities to resurrect our true self now while it matters the most.

Your true self must be resurrected within you while alive. When It does, you know it.

When you experience resurrection now, you look back with regret the years your ego in your head was alive while your true self in your spirit was dead.

If your true self is unable to gain resurrection within you while alive, you are going to the next phase with a dead persona, which cannot resurrect.

What you perceive and experience in the spirit while here on this side of the fence will be your reality when you emerge from this physical universe and mental world to the glorious spiritual universe.

Make sure your eternal self is up and running while you’re alive, not the ego.

Don’t be deceived as if you are alive because the noisy and temporal ego, which cannot emerge to the eternal spiritual universe when the body dies, is well and alive in this temporal and physical universe strapped with time and space.

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