Know who you TRULY are

Someone on Facebook asked me casually “Who truly are we?” while discussing a topic with nothing to do with spirituality. Below was my long response and thought sharing with you here.

We aren’t just flesh, blood, and bones. We aren’t just our bodies. Though we share so many things with other creations since we live in the same physical space governed by some inflexible universal laws, we have unique attributes that combine humanness and divinity in one!

Our existence didn’t start with the physical universe when each one of us got a DNA seed from our parents to join this universe with a biological body. But, this body was just a host to serve our true self survive and operate in this physical universe which isn’t suitable for spirits like us.

We are in this world but not of this world. We are the expressed images of the Creator. Our true self emerged from eternity to time and space in this universe without beginning and ending for a strong purpose bigger than just make ends meet. We will never die except our bio-suit decays. When our body gives up, we cease to exist in this physical universe and continue our eternal journey outside of this physical universe trapped in time and space. We are illegitimate without a body in here. Our soul will emerge back into eternity to continue her evolution to become one with God.

Many of us accepted our fate and bowed to the pressure from the outside world because we don’t know that the power summed up in the universe, both natural and man-made, doesn’t match the infinite power that resides in us. The Kingdom of God is within us with its full-unrestrained power if we just believe and unleash it.

We are the crown jewels of the God who created and sustains not just this gigantic physical universe with trillions of cosmic bodies but also the invisible world more vast and powerful than the former. Do I have proof? I mean something physical, no! Does science provide evidence for what I am claiming? Partially. I am sure future generations will look back and ‘cry’ for our scope of understanding of who we TRULY thought we were like we now do cry for past generations who never had a chance to witness the latest cosmic, neuroscience, quantum physics, epigenetics, and other latest discoveries that push the traditional boundaries of what a human being means.

Our infinite thinking, imagining, and creating powers are god-class. We can call things that don’t exist yet from the quantum field as though they are, like our dad! Though I am sharing this by faith and personal experience, I am sure science will catch up to prove many of the spiritual dimensions of humanity. I am sure, the future generations will evolve and become better ‘humans’ than we ever had been not because of technology advancements but because of humanities ability to recognize its TRUE self and to tap into its invisible side than being stuck with what can be seen- our body and brain, which predisposed us to treat ourselves less than who we truly are.

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