Test your faith

We can easily test our faith to see where it stands. We should have the self awareness whether our faith is delivering. If it isn’t, we need to be intentional to work on it. Here we go…

If yes and we believe that we have recieved as soon as we prayed, are we thanking before we see the result of our prayer manifest? If not, well, we are deceiving ourselves. It won’t happen. God doesn’t contradict His own word, His own Son. Jesus said, when you pray believe you have recieved and it shall be done on to you.

If yes and we are grateful before our eyes see the manifestations of our prayer, do we act as if we got it? Do we have the feelings that accompany if we have it right now while we are waiting? If yes, we don’t pray about it again and again. We don’t feel as if we are lacking it even if it isn’t yet here in the physical.

Like a faithful farmer who trust God to send rain after he plants the seed, we go back to life as if it was already done. We don’t sweat, labor, beg, and plead. These are signs of lack of faith.

Unfortunately, divine cannot be manipulated. He cannot compromise His eternal principles. We are the ones to meet the requirements of divine laws. Time to go back to work and do our part. He is always faithful to do His part.

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