The Spirit that created the universe resides & operates in you

Jesus said the Kingdom of God is in you. I know what you’re just saying when you read this statement. Assegid, I knew that when I was a kid! You may understand this powerful statement mentally.

But, have you got it at a spiritual level? Do you fully understand that that the same Power that initiated the creation of the spiritual world, and this physical universe is operating in you? I hope so…

No wonder why Paul said you’re the temple of God. We host the creative Spirit that has no limit what so ever. He can create through us what no one had ever thought about.

The question is not that this limitless Power resides in us. Many of us got this at a mental level. It is whether we know how to collaborate as It cannot operate in the mental and physical realms without our cooperation.

That was why we were created to be co-creators and partners with the Divine. That was why He shared His glory and endowed us with some mental and spiritual faculties no other creation has.

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