You become great regardless of what you do if you only knew…

I’ve had conversations with some who resent my message on greatness. Of course, I’m grateful that they were courageous enough to let me know what they are thinking! For these bold souls, they think I’m feeding my ego, and even theirs 🙂 They think that I’m not doing the Lord’s work. They believe that I’m out of touch with reality. They also think that I undermine ordinary deeds and individuals. Not at all!

Actually, people with ego protect their ego from being wounded by aiming too low and hiding in the name of humility 🙂 It takes true humility and courage first to honor the great One who created them to manifest His greatness through and with them by allowing Him to use them. And then, to have faith to take risks and willing to fail and be embarrassed. These are the dues one must pay for aiming high to pursue his/her God-given purpose. Temporary failure and defeat are imminent, and part of the process to manifest your inherent greatness.

The important thing in this fulfilling and rewarding journey as one obedience to the Divine than the actual work that person does. Your unconditional obedience that comes from unadulterated faith is what matters to the Divine and in eternity. Otherwise, the actual work will be done by the Father.

Jesus never lifted a finger! He believed and spoke. The Holy Spirit acted on the Words. As a result, the storm calmed down, the man born without eyes saw, the multitude got fed, the dead raised, etc.

All deeds are important and necessary for life and His divine agendas to succeed on this planet. However, the righteous Judge cannot glorify anyone now and/or in eternity without that person earning it. Faith in Him, worshipping, and appeasing Him alone don’t cut it. The question is what have you done with the talent He gave you?

Think about this. The faith of Mary was exceptional. She believed the Divine. She was persuaded that she could be used by God in a mighty way. I don’t think anybody else before her would have believed they could carry Divine in their womb and hold Him on their hands while they were still virgins.

When it comes to her actual work, Mary wasn’t exceptional. Billions have raised their kids paying dire prices. In that regard, if you look at the job, Mary was doing a common task like billions of other loving moms before and after her. The difference was her faith that allowed her to accept this once in a million year seemingly unlikely assignment unconditionally. Not just her faith was great though. Her commitment including the persecution she endured was great.

Her job wasn’t like Jesus. It didn’t take to preach, heal, and raise the dead. She wasn’t tasked like Paul who wrote 2/3 of the New Testament. She wasn’t stoned, beaten, persecuted, and jailed like him. However, she was faithful to her job to carry Jesus in her womb and raise Him, that is it! As a result of her obedience to fulfill her purpose, she will remain honored both in this universe and in eternity.

Thus, whatever mundane your assignment may appear to you or others, as far as it is from your Creator, give it your best. If the assignment was given from Him and you are committed to doing your human part, no question, you will get fulfilled.

However, the litmus paper whether you have taken the right assignment, regardless of whether it is grandeur or not, is that no one on earth can undermine your fulfillment when you are done with your assignment. They may resist or even ignore it at first but they cannot help it but honor you in due time. If not your generation, generations to come. Nonetheless, that shouldn’t be your worry right now.

Let the Divine who knows the how and excels in glorifying those who deserve it worry about that. You worry should be about knowing who you are, why He designed you, and giving your best to pursue and fulfill that. If you begin this rewarding journey today, if you have not yet, wherever you may be right now, you have begun a greatness journey that will end well- allowing you to leave a legacy to this and generations to come.

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