A Conversation with an Atheist

I had an interesting conversation with a guy who claims to be an atheist.

Let me confess! I prefer to engage in conversations with people who don’t have preconceived rigid beliefs. Such people hide behind dogmas. They never venturing out courageously to explore and test whether what had been handed down to them were true or not. They are blindly loyal to something they don’t ‘know’, truth they cannot ‘explain’. What a reckless living for someone to trust another fallible human being (s) with a serious undertaking like the truth and one’s future.

Anyways, with this brother, I had a joy sharing with him what I believe, and open to hearing his point of view. Since I don’t learn by talking a lot alone, which I wasn’t good at in the past, I kept asking questions to learn. Some of the answers were satisfactory while others weren’t.

One of the questions was about whether he believes anything else outside of himself, and the answer was ‘science’. He was shocked when I told him that I also believe in science! After a quiet brief moment, I explained that science took away many of my doubts and created in me unshakable faith.

Rather than moving me away from God and the Higher Power that created me and this intelligent universe, it actually brought me closer! I can now explain the spiritual benefits of fasting, prayer, chanting, speaking in other tongues, and so on. Scientific fields such as psychology, neuroscience, medicine, and so on have become tools to support some of the ages-old spiritual truths!

Of course, I had one disclaimer to my friend, which differentiates the two of us. I go beyond science, which can only deal with the physical and mental universes. I dive deep into the spiritual world that cannot be discerned and understood by my little brain- the portal (hardware) to my mind (software), which has limited scope!

The mind is a tool given to our soul to understand the physical world, and successfully navigate to fulfill her assignment in this universe. Our individual mind itself must tap into the Universal Mind, that designed and created the universe using certain physical laws, to serve our soul effectively.

We also need our spirit side to lead a holistic life that taps into the spiritual world that brought forth and sustains the physical and the mental universes. Stay tuned for future Facebook Live that will cover some of the topics mentioned in this post…

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