Who is chattering in your mind?

Who is chattering in your head 24/7? It isn’t a tricky question. Your mind never shuts up while you are awake. At night, he sneaks and create dreams or nightmares 🙂

It is doing its job, which is informing your soul what is happening and expecting the latter to do something about it. Th mind is a servant of your soul, which is in the command center. If the mind is the software, and the brain is the hardware, the soul is the one operating the software.

Unfortunately, very few recognize the one always talking in their head is their mind, not their true self. Few quiet the chatter as they wish, and in charge of their inner conversations. However, very very very few shut it off and turn on the spirit to reveal what is happening in the spiritual world- the real world and mother ship that created and sustains this gigantic universe.

These very few listen through their spirit the conversations of the celestial beings in eternity. True Prophets eavesdrop in the spiritual world and come to know what will happen centuries ahead. That was how the coming of Jesus was prophesied centuries prior to His coming!

It may shock you as you consider yourself just a regular ‘believer’ that you too are endowed to silence your constant talker- your mind, Mr. Talker, once in a while and unleash your spirit to chatter in you based on what it sees happening on the other side of eternity.

Are you able to quiet your mind? Are you in charge and deciding when to turn on and off your mind? Are you, most importantly, tapping into the spiritual and invisible world?

More Facebook lives on this and more in the future. This weekend, I will talk about the Mentality of the Biblic Greats. Stay tuned and like our Facebook page to get a notification when I go live.

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