Aligning your trio personalities

Our true identity, which we call Self is spiritual. It is composed of our soul, mind, and spirit. Our body is just a servant. It houses our true being.

The part of the body that closely works with our mind is the brain. The brain is the hardware. The mind is the software.

The body is a bio-suit that shields our Self, which is non-form and spiritual. The body shields It from the harsh physical environment not conducive for spirits and also allows It to obey the universal laws such as gravity in order for our soul to fulfill her assignments in this universe.

Our fulfillment demands aligning these three parts- the mind, soul, and spirit. However, this journey is a lifetime one. It is easier said than done. We all are on this journey except that some of us are advanced while others in the middle, and still others at the lower end.

There are three major problems that are on our way from attaining the alignment of the trios: a) Many of us identify with our body and call it Self, b) Still many of us don’t recognize the three parts of Self, and c) Some of us do recognize the trios but fail to align the three parts and act harmoniously toward finishing the eternal destiny of our soul.

The highest form of our evolution is when we achieve the alignment of these three parts and operate harmoniously as one being without contradictions. That is true integrity. It is an authentic life. And we were designed to attain this during our lifetime.

God exists in trinity. But, he has kept his Oness for ages perfectly aligning Itself. We are His images and meant to replicate His styles.

Where do you find yourself on the spectrum? What is helping you? What are the challenges? What are you doing now to go to the next spiritual growth?

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