Remain Connected with Your Source

Don’t tell me that you don’t need God, the Higher Power, whatever you may call Him.

We would have killed ourselves to death a long time ago if He didn’t build some systems in place without asking us to vote.

He knew how dumb and reckless we can get when we are left to our devices. When we are independent and disconnected from our Source.

Just think about why we eat & drink regularly. If you think we are responsible, you are giving us the credit we don’t deserve 🙂 If He didn’t create built-in starvation and thirst systems, we would have stopped making efforts to eat and drink as needed, and as a result starved to death.

The human race would have extinct if He left it for us alone. Knowing us very well, He configured us in such a way that we seek the opposite sex as a result of hormonal pressure, which perpetuates reproduction 🙂

We could have abused our body cutting it everywhere we are delighted to do so, thanks to pain. The list continues.

If you would like to remain productive, contented, and fulfilled in this universe, just be humble, wise, and smart by stay connected and flow with the Intelligence that created the environment and brought you forth by designing you awesomely. This is for your own advantage. Otherwise, you keep hurting and remained unfruitful.

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