Let your soul be in charge

Don’t let your persona, which is the creation of your mind, takes charge of your life and destiny. The ego is temporal. It was not there when the soul joined the universe from eternity to time and space. It wasn’t there when you were a kid. That was why you were a believer of anything is possible, full of love, forgiveness, dreamer, and courageous even to the point of swallowing a nake or touching fire without fearing of death or burning 🙂

Ego came to existence as your mind tried to help you survive and assimilate into this world. As you seek approval, protection, and belongingness. No wonder why ego is loyal to the temporal world, as it is temporal itself without any chance to transcend beyond this temporal world. Its job is survival, to protect you (itself) through fear. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Fear of success, and so on.

Let your soul, the Light, that shares the very nature with the Source of all lights, take charge of your life. Be a kid again. Be a believer again. Be light …

Let your soul lead you to love, service, and to pursue your assignment.

At the end of the day, your peace, contentment, and ultimately your future beyond this temporal world is dependent on the status of your soul and whether she finished the assignment she was given before she joined the universe…

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