Egoless Living

Egoless Living!

Go after the desire of your soul. Be egoless. Be willing to fail & laughed at.

Only the egotistical hide behind small dreams & aspirations to make sure they don’t fail and embarrass their ego. They think others are egotistical but the majority of their fingers are pointing back toward them. That is the trick ego uses. Only the egotistical are afraid of defeat and criticism. Their ego protects itself and they have been used to do the dirty jobs for it in the expenses of their very soul!

The bold who aligned their ego with their soul take chances. They go after the very aspirations of the soul, which doesn’t have any limitations. It thrives when unleashed to fly high. Unlike the ego, it is not scared of heights 🙂

The soul doesn’t know failure. It learns & grows toward perfection- to become one with God at the end of its earthly journey!

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