Jesus- Masterful Leader of Crisis

Are you a leader equipped to lead in the midst of a crisis like this? Do you have a process that you follow to manage a crisis? Have you applied it as you deal with the current crisis? How are the results? What are the challenges and roadblocks?

Jesus well prepared and empowered His followers to survive, outlast, and ultimately thrive in the aftermath of a crisis that rocked His followers’ world following His crucifixion.

Jesus followed a matured crisis management cycle as He prepared, assisted them to survive, empowered them to outlast, and ultimately to thrive in the end. Jesus prepared His disciples ahead of the curve to prepare them for the coming crisis. Three times, He forewarned them of His pending crucifixion. He prayed ahead of the curve for them so that they may survive that fateful and painful crisis where they had to watch their Master humiliated, suffered, and murdered in front of their eyes and publicly. Their hopes seemed dashed forever. I can imagine the devastation they experienced.

Knowing that they would disperse each to his/her own world abandoning Him in the hour of His greatest needs, He prayed for their survival of that horrible crisis they couldn’t handle even if He had forewarned them multiple times. They didn’t develop the resilience to survive and outlast that seemingly fatal blow against their eternal hope and redemption while He was with them, during peacetime. They didn’t fully understand His mission and how He was going to end it all. As a result, when He was captured without resistance and crucified, they felt blindsided, desperate, and hopeless. I can imagine the questions that were running in their head…

As soon as He was resurrected, He showed Himself to the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, and to some of the other disciples to help them survive. During those darkest hours, they needed good news- some win even if they seemed little or unbelievable for some. Not only that, but He also stayed behind for 40 days empowering them to outlast and eventually thrive in the aftermath once He left. As a result, they survived, outlasted, and also changed the world for good because of a leader who had masterful crisis management skills.

What lessons have you drawn from this story? How can you apply these to your organization?

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