New Show for the Underdogs

Check out my new blog in which I announced a new Show. In this blog I shared some of my disadvantages as an underdog and why I’m now committed to empowering the underdogs turning them into the great ones of the 21st C. You don’t want to miss this blog and the upcoming show if you identify yourself as an underdog.

Read it, share it with others, and also let me know what you think and if you may have any suggestions for the upcoming show and podcast. I’m excited and I want you to join me in this journey so that we grow together, tap into our unlimited potential, serve the world using our passion, have a lasting impact based on our purpose in life, and ultimately die empty leaving legacy that continues long after you and I left this universe:

On top of this show, which I believe many of you would enjoy and find empowering, I’ve also a plan in the New Year to arrange a weekly Facebook live. Sign up to our eNewsLetter below to get updates when the live chat begins. As you know many of the great ones in the Bible were underdogs. They turned into great on top of their own faith, dedication, and commitment, they believed in God and sought His help. In this chat, based on my latest two books, we will dive to study how these underdogs turn into great ones, and how you too may learn some lessons from their lives to attain your own birthright of greatness in your own unique way. Stay Tuned…

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