April, 2019

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We’re restored to our former glory!

The first Adam took down with him the entire human race into condemnation. When he disobeyed, he and we all ended up separated from our Source and in turn lost the Kingdom (rulership) and kingship (dominion). On the other hand, the last Adam- Jesus, demonstrated unwavering obedience to the Father and as a result He was authorized to pick Himself from hell and together with Him all of us. Thanks to Him. We are picked from the deepest pit of death and desperation.

The obedient One became the first ‘man’ to enter and stand in the presence of the Holy One since the first Adam was kicked out due to disobedience. The first Adam before fall had a chance to stand before the Holy One on a daily basis and enjoyed constant fellowship with God. Because of disobedience, however, he was separated from God. Heaven cannot and won’t entertain disobedience and disorder. The father of lies and disobedience- the devil was kicked out the same way because He caused chaos.

The first Adam’s act of disobedience also caused the entire race to live under the oppression of the author of death, the devil, for centuries.
For centuries, humanity was hopeless. Deep inside, nonetheless, it had craved to go back to the Kingdom to fellowship with the Source, the Father. But, no one knew the way back to the Kingdom. No one was worthy to satisfy the price it took to reunite the Holy One with the fallen humanity.
Of course, untill, the last Adam penetrated the physical universe and became one of us as promised.

Humanity had been in deepest darkness till the bright light showed up in flesh in their midst. Jesus revealed the Father and shared the love and desire the Father had to reunite with His kids. The last Adam was knowledgeable about how to get back to the bosom of the Father. He was also worthy and obedient enough to pay the price to reunite us with the Father.

Jesus’ resurrection and ascension was symbolic. It signifies that we all are redeemed and restored to the Kingdom we once lost.

Today reminds us the might and glory of Jesus, our Hero. Except our Savior no one ever beat death like He did. He embarrassed It as It had been embarrassing the human race for generations by getting up after three days. Jesus willingly gave up His spirit and picked it up! No one went condemned into hell and came out victorious except Him.

His resurrection is not just a good news spiritually. Yes, Easter signifies that we are redeemed and restored to our former glory before the fall of the first Adam. Sunday also signifies that whatever has been tormenting you and I, it has expiry date. Whatever looks like dead in our life, profession, and business is resurrected!

Rejoice on your season of ‘Saturday’

On Friday, while still on the cross and in pain, Jesus knew what was going to happen in the next three days. On the other hand, His disciples, regardless of His efforts to prepare them, they forgot all about it. They remained worried, and even frightened.

They spent the second day, Saturday, full of despair and hopelessness. Jesus, however, on Saturday, He was busy doing the very reason why He came on earth. He was also looking forward to Sunday. He couldn’t wait to meet His disciples to announce the victory, the restoration of humanity.

How are you spending your ‘Saturday’? You may be in despair and hopelessness in this season of your personal life and/or professional and/or relationship and/or business lives.

But, don’t forget that God is busy doing lots of things in your favor and in the background. Don’t forget that He doesn’t sleep nor slumber. He is your shepherd.

Be expectant that your full restoration is hours, maybe days, or may be some months away. It doesn’t matter how long. Your ‘Sunday’ is coming, coming soon.

Don’t give up. Rather, rejoice as you pass through in this seemingly hopeless season of yours. You cannot please God without faith. You don’t need to wait till ‘Sunday’, until you see your resurrected and restored situation to celebrate. Tap into your faith. Begin celebrating, you’re restored!!!

Let’s learn from the obedience of Jesus

More than 2000 years ago on this past Friday, the onlookers in Jerusalem witnessed how far someone with true LOVE would go when Jesus was dragged willingly to the cross to die for the SIN of the world. Human kind since Adam’s fall had been suffering from an incurable disease, guilty consciousness. Even those individuals who were living a clean and holy life couldn’t overcome it. There was no cure for guilty consciousness that began transmitting from Adam to the subsequent generations because of his disobedience, the worst sin against God.

Fortunately, there was one ‘man’ who was willing to take up on this challenge to free the human race once for all from guilty consciousness. This act restored humanity to its former glory before fall. Nonetheless, those hundreds of onlookers didn’t know what exactly was going on that Friday. Without knowing, they were witnessing history as Jesus became a substitute to pay for the penalty of sin by giving up His life. They didn’t know that He was motivated by love, love to humanity that was separated from the holy and perfect God who cannot (won’t) contaminate Himself with imperfection and disobedience. Jesus showed empathy and was willing to go the extra mile no one could before Him in order to bring back humanity that was kicked out of the Kingdom of God stripped of its power and dominion because of disobedience (lack of love).

The One who was before the world came to existence and the Word of God who created the universe dropped His divinity aside wore flesh to penetrate the physical world. Jesus then lived a holy life and finally obeyed God and submitted Himself to the will of God by giving up His life to redeem the human race. On top of rescuing the human race, He showed us how to walk with God, through obedience.

More than 2 centuries ago, the last Adam took upon Himself to finish what the first Adam failed to do by showing hundred percent obedience to divine. Restraining the power that was flowing in Him that silenced storm and raised a decayed body from the grave after 4 days, the last Adam submitted Himself to show obedience- the ultimate measure of true love to divine.

The question to you and I is: Have we forgiven ourselves and are we free of deep guilt engraved on our soul? We cannot fellowship and boldly stand before the throne of God to pray and fellowship with Him while feeling guilt and condemned. If you passed this hurdle, the next question is: Are you now willing to obey God, to do His will? If we love Him, we will do His will by demonstrating obedience like Jesus did. We may not need to die on a cross, that was done and that wasn’t our particular assignment on earth.

However, if Jesus submitted to the worst of all assignments, a death on a cross, are you willing to obey to pursue the assignment He gave you? In this season, let’s remember the sacrifice of Jesus and be thankful to Him. Let’s also learn from His humility, to submit ourself and our will to His one step at a time to fulfill His agenda in this generation through our service.