March, 2019

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Be principled, predictable, and consistent like your Father

God is a principled Creator who has been consistent and predictable. He kept His Words and remained faithful throughout the centuries.

His creation and the way they are organized and how life is sustained clearly shows that He put in place some physical and spiritual laws that govern the universe and beyond.

Know as many of these laws and respect them as much as you could. However, my interest today is to encourage you to be like God your Father- principled and predictable.

If you want to succeed in whatever you do, if you want to be trustworthy and credible, discover the beliefs and values that govern you. Whether you admit it or not, whether you like it or not, these beliefs and values behind the scene are dictating your attitude, mindset, behaviors, and actions.

Don’t allow your blind spots to sabotage you and what you do. Increase yourself awareness and be in charge of your beliefs and values. If necessary incorporate new ones into the mix, drop some or substitute them with better ones if they are causing trouble and sabotaging you and what matters to you the most. 

By all means, don’t be a slave of your own beliefs and values. Don’t allow them to be on the driver’s seat. Don’t permit and give them a free ride to control you and your destiny…