June, 2016

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Individual and Collective Benefits of Increasing Your Self-awareness

3DThe lack of self-awareness of a leader, and/or the inability to raise the self-awareness of his/her people creates so many blind spots, grey areas, uncertainties, and indecisions. Many of the confusions, conflicts, and disarrays that exist in many Churches and Ministries could have been avoided if the leaders have holistic self-awareness. Unfortunately, Churches and their leaders give little attention to self-awareness. High priorities are given to the day-to-day challenges, demands, crises, and distractions leaving self-awareness neglected.

In this post, I’d like to share with you the benefits of increasing your self-awareness and how Jesus fared when it comes to self-awareness so that you may be willing to invest your time, energy, and resources. Below are some of the major individual and corporate benefits you will enjoy when you increasing your (your team’s) self-awareness (Building Block 1). It’s taken from my book:

I. Benefits at Individual level:

  • Knowing your true self and worth.Once you pass through this process, you won’t be the same. You won’t settle for less than who you truly are. You may experience some important rebirths during your lifetime. One of the most important rebirths is when you come to know your true self and the reason of your existence
  • Aware of the power that resides in you.When you dig deep and understand your make up, you start to realize that there is a greater power working within you and in your favor. You aren’t just flesh, bones, blood, and ligaments. You originated from something more powerful than you. He had a purpose in His mind when He created and released you at this time and generation. He is in you, and you’re in Him…
  • Becoming humble.Self-awareness prevents you from pride. Rather, it leads you to humility. Not only do you know your strengths but also your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. You now know that you are part of the bigger picture. You are part of the universe, and everything that exists in this awesome universe. When you reach this level of consciousness, you let go of your ego and believe that everything is not about you. You relinquish acting as if you are the center of the universe but part and parcel of an amazing movement and you are one of the critical players…
  • Remain alarmed and alerted.Once you are self-aware, you know your comparative and competitive advantages. This knowledge alerts you to identify the right job, relationship, and partnership you should have. You become so alarmed in your steps that no one can sway you where you shouldn’t be or you don’t stay for long at a wrong spot. Once you are self aware, no one manipulates and uses you because you know your breaking points. You discern people’s intention, and avoid traps. They don’t easily prime you to say and do things as they wish…If you are an alarmed and alerted person, you tap into the opportunities, avoid traps, pitfalls, and distractions.
  • Productive, creative, and cooperative. Self-awareness raises your productivity. You know your priorities and where to invest your time and energy. If we have enough self-enlightened business leaders, engineers, artists, doctors, and politicians, we would have a different world. Humanity would have experienced a quantum leap jump because of the creativity that comes from self-awareness. The latter expands your consciousness. It can bend your reality in your favor. You become a creator. The more you know your place in your team and society, the more constructive roles you may play. You seek to contribute your best, and bring out the best from others…
  • Creating synergy and focus.Self-awakened individuals don’t step on someone’s toes or run on someone’s lane. They spot their unique place within their community, organization, and nation. They completely understand that they are better if they stay where they matter the most, and help others do the same. When you increase your self-awareness, you create synergy and avoid unhealthy competition. You are no longer jealous. Others’ achievements won’t intimidate you. You create synergy because you know that you need the help of others around your weaknesses. You also become focused to contribute your unique roles only in the area of your strength.
  • Becoming wise.When we pass through the process of self-awareness, we uncover so many truths, and knowledge. When we apply these truths and knowledge, we increase our wisdom. Self-awareness is the road that leads to wisdom. The latter starts with knowing who you are, why you do what you do, with whom to relate, work, and partner. We need wisdom to succeed in life. Without wisdom, it is hard to pursue and fulfill our purpose in life. As we live, work, and do business in this complex, ever changing, and competitive world of the 21st C, it is unlikely to succeed without employing wisdom. Those who are succeeding, achieving, and changing the world positively are those who developed and refined their wisdom…

II. Benefits at Corporate level:

  • Highly productive and competitiveNo community, organization, or nation can arise above the collective self-awareness of its members. When you have many self-awakened individual members, your collective awareness increases…
  • Increased cooperation. Since your people know themselves and their unique roles within your organization and community, they become cooperative. They avoid unhealthy competition against other self-awakened members of your community…
  • Birds of the same feather fly together. In a given society or organization where the majority of the members are self-awakened, it is easier for members to find the right people with whom to work together. People who share the same passion can easily create a win-win partnership.
  • Less conflict. When the majority of your people are self-awakened and know their strength, they most probably avoid conflict. You enjoy more peace and friendship among your self-awakened people. You won’t spend valuable resources, energy, and time to resolve conflicts.
  • Improved synergy. Once your people know who they truly are and their relative position among their peers, it is easier for them to choose the right path that leads them to fulfillment. They know which school to enroll, which organization to join, which business to open, etc. When the majority of your people are on the right path, they collectively create synergy that advances your progress.
  • More solution providers and contributors. When the majority of your people are self-awakened, you have more solution providers and contributors than troublemakers. And more…

III. Jesus’s self-awareness

Jesus was an enlightened leader. He was so self-aware that he answered life’s most important philosophical questions in no uncertain terms. Even if his critics challenged his sense of self-worth and authority, he knew himself very well and why he was there that he never demonstrated any doubt or hesitation. Here are a few of the statements he expressed that show you his extraordinary self-awareness about who he was, from where he came from, what he was suppose to do with his life right there, and where he was going:

  • I Am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life (John 14: 6). Let me ask you: Can you use the most powerful word in this world- I Am, and express yourself like Jesus did? Whatever ‘I Am’ you have been expressing is what manifests at the end of the day.
  • I was before Abraham (John 8: 58).
  • I and the Father are one (John 10: 30).
  • I came so that you might have life in abundance (John 10: 10).
  • The son of man did not come to be served, but to serve (Matthew 20: 28).
  • Father, I have done all your assignments and this is time to glorify Me in my former glory (John 17: 4).
  • I will go and prepare a place for you, and I will come back and take you to be with Me (John 14: 3).
  • Jesus knew that the Father had put all things under his power, and that He had come from God and was returning to God (John 13: 3)…

The above excerpt is taken from my book entitled “The 9 Cardinal Building Blocks: For continued success in leadership”, which is available on Amazon. Page 26 – 28, and 167 – 168.