May, 2015

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Attend a leadership conference on June 27 2015

FlyerThe world is faced with tremendous challenges. These hurdles cannot be fixed by wishing, praying, fasting, or by using force alone, or issuing legislation after legislation. It also demands raising extraordinary leaders who are called and passionate to tackle these roadblocks.

In our history, we have witnessed how one leader with an innovative idea, invention, or message has changed the world. People rally behind those ideas, messages, and inventions whose time has come.

This is your turn! The world is waiting for your revelation. You have waited for so long. The waiting should be over. This is a difficult time in humanity’s history and we cannot afford you laying low. You have something to offer in addressing some of the challenges your community, organization, and society is facing. Don’t undermine yourself. You’re born to lead!

You’re a leader, if you haven’t yet figured that out. Leadership is your birthright. You meant to know your identity, discover your calling, and take leadership to pursue and finally fulfill your calling. You shouldn’t seat on the sidelines and watch, as the world burns alive.

You’re the light and salt of the world. However, you cannot just be light and salt by praying, fasting, and wishing alone. You should become a competent leader to bring change in the area of your calling. You should learn from seasoned leaders, get mentoring, and closely work with them. You need their experience, guidance, and nurturing. You cannot do it alone!

On the other hand, you may already be an experienced and seasoned leader and doing your best in the area of your passion. But, your individual efforts alone cannot overcome the enormous challenges we’re facing. You need to create synergy with other leaders, and contribute your share in raising the next generation leaders that should continue the fight that you and your generation has already begun. Don’t allow your vision to die with you. Don’t leave the world before you make sure that there are competent emerging leaders who lead by example, and finish the race that you excellently began and has been pursuing this far.

Both seasoned and emerging leaders should come together, and bridge the current generational gap, and work together to tackle the roadblocks our communities, organizations, and societies are facing. Towards this endeavor, PRO Leadership Global Inc., a non-profit leadership organization I’m part of its leadership, arranged a timely conference entitled “Embracing the next Generation Leaders”.

It is going to be held on Saturday June 27, 2015 1 – 5 PM at Largo Student Center, Prince George’s Community College. Great speeches, breakout sessions, and a panel discussion are waiting for you. Don’t miss it!

For more, you may checkout the following links. You may also please consider sharing these links to your network of friends and colleagues in your email, phone, and social media contacts who may benefit from this timely conference greatly. They should not miss this great opportunity:

1.     Advertisement video

2.     Press Release

3.     Conference web page to learn more about the conference, and register online:

If you would like to sponsor the event, please contact me (Tel: 703-895-4551 or Email: With only 250 USD, you could get a table to interact with the audience, sell your products, and display your flyers plus up to ten of your people could attend the event for free.

Hope to see you there!